10 common mistakes to avoid at the exhibition 2024


In European and American countries, trade shows are always carried out one round after another, and a large number of booths of different industries and different types are held every month.

In such a large number of trade shows, all the major exhibitors are doing actions to attract customers, so too many repeated means to attract customers will cause customer fatigue, and even solutions, which is what we need to pay attention to.

So, in order not to make the most basic exhibition mistakes, resulting in a large number of customer loss, exhibitors should understand the following content, of course, in the actual trade show, the required attention is often more than that.

trade show booth grapic design

Trade show booth private space

Note that the private space is aimed for the exhibitors.

In order to ensure the professional work business team, to reduce the staff gathered conversation chat.

A lot of staff gathered, will bring a signal to potential customers: “they are busy, have no time to receive me”, exhibitors need to be clear, in the large exhibition venue, the audience not even through their booth for the second time. Therefore, we should warn the relevant staff to do a good job of training, informing them that the random posture or form will greatly increase the turnover rate of customers.

Therefore, it is necessary to balance the rest area and work area and establish a small private space.

Overaggpublicity and ignoring customer needs

In the process of participating in the exhibition, the publicity always runs through the whole process, but it should be noted that we should understand and clarify the publicity intensity of different stages. I can roughly divide the publicity into three stages, before exhibition, during exhibition and after exhibition.

  • Before the exhibition:

Before exhibition propaganda need to do the biggest, both new and old customers, or online, should ensure that their exhibition information delivery, even if the customer can’t come to attend the exhibition, customers will make good impression of exhibitors, there is no doubt that can frequently attend the exhibition enterprise has a strong strength.

  • In the exhibition:

In my opinion, when the exhibition is held, the business team should reduce the publicity efforts, because many exhibitors do not want to have a heavy introduction manual in their hands. Therefore, in the exhibition, more to rely on the reception staff and conspicuous banner introduction.

  • After the exhibition:

After the end of the exhibition, the focus of publicity needs to be more accurate. In the previous process, accurate product or technology publicity should be carried out according to the labels of potential customers, and demand publicity and marketing should be carried out to customers.

Ignoring customer needs

The purpose of marketing is to persuade people to buy, not to force or deceive people to buy. When marketing, you need to talk more about facts and latest trends, rather than too much about your products and technical components. Too much self-centered marketing strategy may reject potential customers, because at exhibitions, people see their products as unique and the best.

Only indirect propaganda

At this point, the focus is mainly on the publicity of the business team for their own enterprise. In the exhibition, traditional manuals, leaflets and small gifts are still the mainstream ways of publicity. Under the impact of AI and new media and other technologies, various publicity methods emerge in an endless stream, and many exhibitors gradually ignore the publicity role of the business team.

To be clear, a professional business team itself is a good direct publicity. For the reception of visitors, whether it is traditional publicity and new publicity, can receive more and more friendly customers, is always a professional reception team, they can let customers feel different reception services, can stimulate the desire of potential customers to communicate. Therefore, there is only indirect communication that is not desirable.

Don’t walk around or stand guard at the exhibition

Many members of the business team, in order to actively perform, often travel between or around the show. However, in the face of the exhibition venue with a large flow of people, too much travel will bring visual barriers and feel crowded to the audience, thinking that even if they visit the booth, they will not get the manual service they want.

Similarly, don’t always stand at the reception desk or rest area like a sentinel. Long fixed gaze, will make the visitors entering the exhibition feel a feeling of being monitored, that their privacy is violated, then will cause the loss of many potential customers.

Whether it is walking around the booth or standing on the reception desk for a long time, in my opinion, these two points are very important, but it is important to be noted that too much of a good thing has the opposite effect.

Design flaws in the trade show booth

This mainly refers to the mismatch between trade show booths and space sizes.

In my opinion, a customized exhibition booth is determined according to the size of the exhibitor’s reservation booth space. However, many exhibitors are prone to neglect the limited space display for the sake of the exquisite trade display booth style.

For example, if it is a 10x10ft size linear booth backed against a wall, then the open trade exhibition booth based on the background wall is a common choice, rather than artificially making one side or two walls in the one direction is blocked, which will block the customer flow and reduce the display effect.

For medium and large exhibitions such as 20x20ft, if only considering the customer flow and exposure, the classic island trade exhibition booth is most suitable for this kind of requirements. The all-around open design will not make the customers feel visual barriers when they pass through. Even passers-by cutting corners by the road is an important point to attract crowds.

trade show booth design
trade show cases

Location and layout of the trade show booth

The above consideration is the trade exhibition booth itself, which is the location of the trade exhibition booth in the reserved venue.

This point is a cliche point, in fact, this is also a headache and helpless point. The location layout of the trade display booth, especially around the intersections and the corresponding public facilities, is very popular for the exhibitors.

However, it should be noted that, in the actual situation, there are many factors that restrict the selection and decision of the exhibitor leader, such as the overall budget of the exhibition, the rehearsal of the exhibition target, the requirements of the organizer of the hall, and so on. Exhibitors are more likely to choose their trade exhibition booths with their own goals and enterprise strength, and the right location is the best location.

Overexposure or dim light

Lighting is one of the important factors affecting the atmosphere of the whole trade exhibition booth.

Regarding the design of lighting, we mainly consider two aspects. One is the overall lighting effect and brightness degree of the organizer’s hall; the other is the lighting, long arm lamp, ceiling light, light box and so on designed with the trade exhibition booth.

Over-exposed lights or excessively dim lights can easily cause visual fatigue of the exhibitors, leading to the short stay time of the customer group in the exhibition. The business team personnel does not have a good opportunity for in-depth communication, and can not reach the core needs of the participating customer group, thus leading to the loss of customers. Therefore, when redesigning the lighting factor, the above two points should be fully considered to create a perfect and comfortable atmosphere for the exhibitors.

Insufficient reserve of booth staff

The reserve of booth staff, for the local exhibitors, this is not a big problem. However, most of the exhibitors are participating in different places, in order to reduce costs, reduce the business team staffing, problems also follow. Expectation and reality are often not always consistent. In the personnel application of the exhibition, there need to be enough personnel to manage the product presentation, personnel reception, small meetings, product sampling, etc. These are the key areas of the booth, and sufficient personnel can bring a good exhibition experience to the audience.

Mediocre trade show booth

The style of a trade show booth is often the first impression of a company. In a vast convention center, a variety of exhibition booths will dazzle the audience. If their own trade exhibition stalls are too mediocre, their competitiveness for potential customers will be greatly reduced.

Trade exhibition booth, in my opinion, according to the purpose of the exhibition and the design concept of the exhibition booth material, suppliers are later, good and unique advance conditions, often stand out from many competitors.

Given the quality and cost of trade display booths, exhibitors can have a variety of options, such as buying or renting, standard or custom booth, wooden structure or metal structure. If you prefer a modular aluminum booth, then Wegodisplays, the best exhibition supplies supplier from China, will help solve all your problems with the trade show booth.

No customer tracking was performed

At the end of the whole exhibition link, customer tracking and maintenance is the top priority. For the exhibitors whose purpose of the exhibition is to obtain potential customers, all the efforts made in the previous exhibition are for the customers obtained after the exhibition. However, many salesmen in the busy action of the exhibition, ignored the feelings of customers, did not timely summarize and maintain customers, slowly led to the loss of customers, which is a very pity.


This article reminds us of some common mistakes we need to make to attend to trade shows that may affect our presentation and interaction with our customers. It not only emphasizes the private space management of the booth, points out that too many people will bring customers the impression of being busy, but also believes that the choice of publicity strategy is also very critical, which needs to be adjusted according to different stages of the exhibition to avoid customers’ fatigue caused by excessive publicity.

In addition, the article also emphasizes the attention of customer needs, warning us not to only self-promotion while ignoring the actual needs of customers. By avoiding these mistakes, we can better attract customers, show the corporate image, and establish a good customer relationship, so as to improve the exhibition effect.


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