7 tips to note when ordering the graphics of the trade show booths


The graphic picture of the trade show booth is one of the most important components of the whole exhibition booth, just like people rely on clothes, beautiful people also need clothes collocation. The graphic picture is the “clothes” of the trade show booth, which is the first impression of the whole trade show booth, so the exhibitors are worth the effort in ordering a perfect graphic picture.

1. Have sufficient self-prepared graphics material

If the exhibitor designs the graphics by itself, the company’s design department should store the corresponding graphics materials. With a wide range of graphics material, you can save a lot of time and cost.

At the same time, it should be noted that, in addition to their own graphics, graphics from other sources should pay attention to whether to pay attention to infringement, leading to subsequent legal disputes, some high-quality graphics material purchased, for the use of exhibition graphics pictures, in fact, is very worthwhile.

2. Find integrated trade display booth vendors

Many exhibitors do not have the corresponding independent design department, often go back to look for professional design company of design requirements, and exhibition industry design company is not the public, if it is the first time outsourcing design, no cooperation experience, want to find a professional and satisfactory design company, is a very time-consuming thing.

In addition, the professional design company, the cost is not too low, often the price will vary according to the requirements of the exhibitors, if it is a large and complex trade show booth, the cost of designing the picture is also a high cost.

Looking for integrated trade display booth suppliers is also often the way chosen by most suppliers. Many trade display booth suppliers, especially online trade display booth suppliers, offer more quality services, including graphic design, in order to seize the market.

From China, Wegodisplays is an integrated trade exhibition booth supplier. Not only that, he also has a variety of trade show booth types, which can meet the needs of most exhibitors. At the same time, it can also provide graphic design and picture production services, to meet the needs of the relevant exhibitors.


3. Prepare for the design in advance

Whether you have a design department to design, or looking for a supporting design company, you should be clear about some pre-design preparation, which should be submitted to the relevant designers, which can improve the design efficiency.

    • The unity of the design concept

Before designing the graphics picture, the exhibitor team should clarify the corresponding design concept, including the company elements, the size of the graphics picture, the accuracy of the graphics picture, etc. And communicate and coordinate with relevant designers, whether there is a design concept that cannot be realized due to some other factors. The unified design concept can lay a good foundation for the subsequent design links.

    • The data of the corresponding specifications is clear

Different sizes of booths, often have different graphic picture sizes, and according to the type of trade show booth, the installation of graphic pictures will also be different, these slight differences will also affect the size of graphic pictures.

In addition to the overall size of the physical data, the corresponding parameters and components of the data, such as the measurement unit, the selection of color patterns, etc. The integrity of data often affects the effect of subsequent graphics, which can reduce the consumption rate of graphics.

    • Reduce the time of consumption

Participating in a trade show requires a long preparation process. The design and production of graphics is also an important part of it. Full design preparation in advance can effectively reduce the time of this link, so as to focus on other links of the exhibition.


4. Leave enough graphics delivery time

The design of the graphics is after the design of the trade show booth. Before the trade show, especially for small and medium-sized trade show booths, the graphics are often tried to be built in advance to prevent temporary problems on the site, which cannot be solved.

For the time of the trial construction, the delivery time of the graphic picture can match the arrival time of the frame of the trade show booth. Both can be delivered to the exhibitors at the same time, so that the exhibitors can have enough time for the trial construction, so as to eliminate errors and reduce the errors on the spot.

5. Avoid unconventional custom graphics sizes

In some small and medium-sized booths, the size of the picture is relatively fixed, such as 10x10ft, 10x20ft and other scale graphics picture size, this kind of conventional standard graphics picture size, both in design and production, can be completed very efficiently.

However, for some medium and large, and more complex booths, the complex design will bring a lot of irregular planes, resulting in the design and cutting of some pictures, which will be more time-consuming and energy-consuming. In addition, the size of the booth itself is relatively large, there will be a lot of trade display booth graphics of the layout will be very large, which will lead to more time spent in the overall link.

However, this kind of problem will be much better for the integrated trade display booth suppliers, because after all, they can provide the corresponding booth design and framework, which means that they have the strength and reserve to produce graphics, which can save time.

Wegodisplays It is such a company with mature exhibition industry experience and equipped with the corresponding equipment, which can well meet the production and sales process of the whole trade show booth.

6. Consider transportation costs

Although the weight of the graphics is relatively small compared with the whole trade show booth, for the medium and large trade show booth, the large number of graphics and transportation costs are also a cost to be taken into account.

The composition of graphic graphics, usually transfer cloth, this kind of cloth can have a variety of packaging methods, such as roll, box, etc., combined with the original weight, the transportation cost will rise, exhibitors should choose the appropriate packaging and transportation mode to reduce the cost of such costs.

7. Quality after-sales service

In the design and production of graphics, a whole graphic picture may not be used because of some small errors, which will cause loss. If it is a large picture, the loss cost is more expensive. Then the responsibility of this loss will form the responsibility between the exhibitors, the design company and the production graphics manufacturers, and even sometimes the prevarication of the other two parties will delay the time of the production of graphics screen, which is not conducive to the trial construction.

Overall, exhibitors can choose the integrated trade display booth suppliers, and Wegodisplays is one of them. It can not only provide a variety of booths, but also provide corresponding services, the design and production of graphics, all the problems, the corresponding trade show booth and quality assurance service.


Ordering trade show booth related graphics, need to be well prepared and select the strength of related suppliers, brand strength and professional ability, can save a lot of exhibitors in each link of the trouble, and exhibitors business team can put more energy on the development of customers and promote their brand.


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