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When exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, will take a basic goal, the development of new customers, so everyone will try to attract the attention of customers, if there is not enough new trade show booth, customers are often not attracted, leading to short, white cost high cost to participate in the exhibition but nothing.

However, it is worth mentioning that most of the customers who want to find partners often have a strong purpose. If the conditions of the exhibitors basically meet the needs of customers, then the first step has been completed, and the next thing to do is how to stand out through some small ideas in the peers.

Next, I will give some personal views and suggestions, I hope to be helpful to the major exhibitors.

Choose to attend the right show

In fact, many exhibitors mostly go to the exhibitions with strong relevance to the industry, because the effect of widely participating in various exhibitions is not as good as that of participating in related industries. And there are three crucial factors

  • Consolidate and deepen the enterprise brand impression

The development of an enterprise is not only about continuous innovation and expansion, but also needs to go back to consolidate its own brand image. Only with stable and gradual development can an enterprise last for a long time.

At the same time, deepening the brand impression of the enterprise can also enhance its influence in the industry, attract potential customers, and constantly facilitate transactions.

  • Accurate portrait of the exhibition visitors

In fact, most of the visitors to the relevant exhibition have the same purpose as the exhibitors, but also to understand the latest industry market trends, and to look for opportunities to expand related business cooperation channels. The audience and the exhibitors have the same purpose, which greatly reduces the difficulty of early negotiation and increases the chance of successful cooperation.

Similarly, the audience seeking opportunities are often the elite of their own companies, who will have higher vision and requirements. How the exhibitors stand out from many peers is worth studying.

  • Understand the first trends in the industry

The purpose of the exhibition is to promote the interaction of industry information and publicize related industries. In the annual exhibition, the exhibitors who can come to participate in the relevant exhibitions will often bring their own main products or innovative products. The continuous collision of the design concepts and manufacturing technologies of new products in the industry is conducive to promoting the development of the industry. The greater the development momentum of the industry, as the major enterprises in the industry, the more benefits and advantages they will enjoy.

Similarly, in the fierce competition, it is the most important to seize the first opportunity of the trend of development. Enterprises that can often seize the opportunity will bring huge benefits to themselves and constantly expand their own scale.

Pre-exhibition marketing

Although the exhibition is a good way to promote the industry, and some organizers can also provide the photography and publicity of various exhibitors, for the exhibitors themselves, they can use their own channels to promote to better locate accurate customers. The basic pre-exhibition marketing of exhibitors can be divided into the following two kinds.

  • Online marketing

Online marketing is the most widely popular way. Exhibitors can publish announcements on their official website one month or two months in advance and set the top, roughly revealing the relevant exhibition content, such as the appearance of new products and the discount of related products, leaving suspense. These measures will attract the attention of existing customers and new customers into the website, and potentially deepen the recognition of their influence and strength of their own enterprises.

In addition, I want to send greetings email to my partners to express the exhibition they will participate in and thank them for their continuous support. Finally, I can invite them to watch their live broadcast offline or online, so as to bring customers to understand and enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition.

  • Offline marketing

Offline marketing is usually carried out 2-3 days before the launch, because during this period, the exhibitors and visitors who come to the exhibition will gradually stay in the surrounding hotels and hotels.

The offline marketing that exhibitors need to do is to distribute leaflets around the hotel and on the main roads around the pavilion. This will attract customers who are interested in the companies involved. Of course, the content design of the leaflet needs to be well designed by the exhibitors, which is very important, which is related to the first impression of the enterprise.

Plan for the theme of the exhibition

Planning the theme of the exhibition is a design problem for exhibitors, which needs to be combined with various conditions and factors to be finalized, and the theme of exhibitors plays a vital role in their enterprises to stand out from many exhibitors.

Reasons and purpose of the exhibition

As I mentioned in previous articles, different exhibitors will have different reasons and purposes. So exhibitors can design booth themes according to their own exhibition purpose.

For example, if you want to expand your business, the design of relevant themes should be in line with the enthusiasm and external needs of the unique bright color series, which can well catch the attention of customers. The internal negotiation area needs a soft and comfortable atmosphere to foil, and all kinds of details need to be paid attention to.

Corporate culture

The culture of each enterprise is unique, and different development experiences and core purposes are good material that can be used to design the theme, all of its uniqueness

Change of products

If every enterprise wants to maintain it for a long time, the new initiative is essential. When a new product or a new series is launched, you should choose the theme that you want to meet, especially the first appearance. The first impression of the public is extremely important, and may even be directly set in the mind of the public.

How to connect the theme with the product is an important issue for exhibitors to consider.

Make clear your own exhibition goals

Each enterprise to participate in an exhibition together, are with their own goals. And the size of the goal, the degree of realization is difficult to achieve, need to be considered comprehensively.

Usually, the strength of the enterprise itself is very competitive, but the target of the exhibition target is very general, resulting in the layout of the booth is more public, there is no other design. This undoubtedly reduces the image of the enterprise in the hearts of the public, and brings disappointment to the audience who came to the relevant enterprises at the beginning, which is not conducive to the long-term planning and development of the enterprise.

Enterprises can make clear their own exhibition goals, so as to make matching preparation measures, which can make the whole exhibition link become smooth, and the communication between each link becomes more efficient. So that their booth stand out in the exhibition.

Unique trade show booth design

Exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, want to catch the attention of customers, the unique trade show booth design is essential. The trade show booth in the exhibition is just like the facade in a physical store. At the first sight of your trade show booth, customers can get some basic information, such as the strength of the company, related fields, personnel allocation and so on. Next, I personally recommend several systems from Wegodisplays

It is one of Wegodisplays’s flagship products, which features modular and tool-free installation, and support for customized services. The structural material of Luban system is aluminum alloy, which ensures strength and contains certain flexibility, and can well adapt to most of the problems.

This kind of system belongs to the lightweight trade show booth type, usually more application scenario is 3×3,3x6m booth, is usually used for background wall to use, in the system and unique backlight system, can add lights and change the picture material, can put a traditional seg popup booth into light box booth, more cheered by customers.

Seg popup Features are portable, tool-free installation, and also support the overall modular building.

  • The E-frame system

Game system is the flagship product of Wegodisplays, and its main feature is the frame-to-frame structure. Its operation scene is often a large booth, and its overall strength and operability is the strongest among all systems, but correspondingly, the purchase of E-frame system is often much more expensive than the purchase of other systems.

Of course, Wegodisplays not only sells these systems, they also have basic EZ tube, Qseg, Sego and other different styles of systems, if you are interested in these, you can go to the website to learn more about them.

Some preparations before the exhibition

The details we need to do to build customer satisfaction. Here are some preparations to do before the show.

  • Prepare the corresponding gifts and food items

In fact, when the exhibitors decorate the trade exhibition booth, they can think about what they want from another Angle to attend a booth as an audience.

The giveaway from exhibitors can make the audience feel that the exhibition is very meaningful and take the gifts as souvenirs, which is a very effective way, will give the audience a sense of belonging.

The corresponding small food, such as some candy or some cookies or some drinks, can well relieve the fatigue of the audience, but also increase the stay time of potential customers, and give customers greatly increase the time to understand the exhibitors.

  • Exhibits accessible

Attracting visitors into the scope of trade exhibition booths shows that the audience is more interested in the products or the field of the company’s industry. If opening the existing exhibits to the audience, the audience will have a more intuitive feeling, but also let the audience feel the volume and strength of the exhibitors.

  • On-site product effect demonstration

At the exhibition site, the crowd effect is often the easiest way to increase the exposure. Exhibitors can attract the attention of the audiences through the functional effect display of flagship products or new products. They can also interact with the audience, select the lucky audience and teach them how to use the product.

The purpose of this is not only to better maintain the atmosphere present, but also to let other audiences feel the level and acceptance of the product.

Free wireless networks and charging areas

The measures may increase the cost of exhibitors network cost, but in my opinion is very worthwhile, free wireless network and charging area, can attract visitors stop exhibitors trade near the exhibition booth, can have more intuitive crowd effect, although some viewers will carry mobile charging equipment, but relative to a can rest area, most of the audience are more willing to choose this kind of way.

Of course, the corresponding customer service also needs to timely follow up, so that the audience in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, relieve fatigue. The goal of this measure is to gather people, so don’t forget, when setting up wireless networks, pay attention to the coverage setting.

Location of the trade display booth

The location of the trade display booth is also a top priority, which determines the source and size of your traffic. Here are some of my personal suggestions, mainly on the traffic arteries.

  1. The first location near the entrance of the exhibition hall, the entrance of the largest flow of people;
  2. Secondly, it is close to the intersection location of the main road, the intersection is often the gathering place of the industry giants, many enterprises bring their own flow, there will naturally be a part of the diversion flow;
  3. Close to the location of a large booth again, you can get a part of the large enterprises flow overflow.


Exhibitors at trade shows should select relevant exhibitions, engage in pre-show marketing, plan booth themes, set clear objectives, design unique booth displays, make necessary pre-show preparations, and choose optimal booth locations. These strategies help attract target customers, enhance brand impressions, and increase the chances for exhibitors to stand out at the trade show.

Successful participation involves not only showcasing products but also creating unique experiences that attract and retain customers, fostering collaborations, and driving transactions.

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