Clear on the choice of trade show booths


The types of trade show booths are various, and each different location of the trade display booth can correspond to the corresponding types of trade show booth. The basic categories can be divided into modularization, customization, lightweight, and so on. Specific depends on the size of the exhibitors, their own marketing goals, and the overall budget. Therefore, it is very important to make clear the choice of a trade show booth.

The basic type of a trade show booth

Years of experience in exhibition arrangement and sales trade show booths tell me that the booth types favored by major exhibitors can be roughly divided into the following three categories.

Modular booth

Modular booth refers to the use of fixed modular components to build different styles of booth style. Usually, the modular structural components are composed of aluminum alloy frames, which have less weight and ensure the overall strength of the frame, so that it is not even weaker than the style of large wooden trade display stalls.

Compared with the traditional booth, the modular display booth is lighter, which means that the exhibitors can save the cost, time cost, transportation cost, labor cost and so on.

  • Time cost

The construction of modular trade show booth is very simple and easy to understand, and the operation is simple, without professional construction team operation, can completely realize self-construction, in this way, save a lot of construction time of trade exhibition booth, and more energy can be spent in each detail.

  • Transportation cost

The modular component frame of the trade show booth made of aluminum alloy material determines that its weight is much lighter than the traditional trade show booth. At the same time, according to the weight and size of the components, the packaging can be customized and standardized, and it can be shipped by plane or by car, rather than long-distance truck transportation.

  • Labour cost

As mentioned above, the realization of self-construction can save the high cost of professional team construction, and some modular trade display booth system types without tools installed, and can not be forced to use the construction team of the exhibition organizer, so as to reduce the cost. Wegodisplays Luban system is a modular trade display booth without tool installation, which has all the advantages mentioned above, the framework foundation of high appearance level, and is also widely loved by exhibitors.

Modular trade show booth advantage is high reproducible utilization, it is different from other one-piece booth, components split after separate preservation, can better keep the appearance of the components, not because of long time or many times use make some distortion or deformation, lead to use again. The modular trade display booth, after being separated and saved, only need to customize the graphic picture of the trade display booth again when reused. The framework can be said to be the same as the new.


Custom booth

Customized booth can be roughly divided into two categories, one is a variety of trade show booth system categories, the other is to customize the size and structure of related trade show booth components, so as to achieve the expected design effect of exhibitors.

Show the category combination of the system

When many exhibitors choose the booth style, they is often easy to be satisfied with the layout of a single booth system, and often choose two or more systems for collocation.

An ingenious trade exhibition booth often needs a lot of energy from exhibitors, while the combination of cross-systems needs to consider whether different systems are matched and whether their reserved booth space supports a lot of customized design, such as height limit, space size and so on.

Construction and sizing of the customization

This kind of related customization is often designed to meet the special design requirements of the exhibitors, and can better display their own products and promote the corporate culture. However, this kind of customization often has two problems, the time and the cost problems.

Time component customization, means that the part of an order need separate manufacturing, for factories, quantitative production is the main task, separate customized services and their production marketing target, it is possible to happen customized order production after batch order production, this will greatly affect the delivery time, if the exhibitors did not set aside enough time, often appear such problems.

The cost problem is also very simple, a lot of customization will lead to the cost of manufacturing to transportation to the exhibitors. The more customization, the higher the cost, so the customization is more compatible with large businesses and companies with ample trade display booth space.

modern trade show booth

Lightweight booth

The use of lightweight booths, most of the layout of small and medium-sized trade exhibition booths, usually the size is 10x10ft, 10x20ft. For the exhibitors with a small total budget, a lightweight booth is a very good choice.

And in the choice of lightweight booth, is also exquisite. How to cut costs while standing out in small and medium-sized booths is a common problem.

There are usually several types of lightweight trade display stalls, EZ tube booth, SEG popup, SEG lightbox etc. Overall, they are relatively cheap, relatively simple in structure, and light. Because of these characteristics, they can complement each other, which can enrich the content of small and medium-sized trade display stalls.

Dimensions and configuration of the trade display booths

Trade exhibitions, there are a variety of exhibitions around the world, but different regions and countries, the requirements for size and configuration are slightly different.

For example, the classic common booth size in the United States is 10x10ft, which is a basic small booth size. The larger booth size is extended on the basis of 10x10ft, so as to form a complete exhibition space. For some countries in Asia and Europe, the unit size prefers to be measured by meters, while the smallest basic booth size is 3x3m booth space. The incremental difference will affect the size of the overall display space.

In addition to the size, the selection of trade display booth type also needs the attention of exhibitors, and it needs to decide what kind of trade exhibition booth to buy or rent according to the size of their trade exhibition booth. Next, the four basic configuration types of trade display booths are introduced

Configuration type

  1. Island Booths
  2. Peninsula Booths
  3. Corner Booths
  4. Linear Booths or Inline Booths

Island booth

The island booth is accessible and accessible in all directions. With this setting, you can face customers in four directions. The island booth is usually larger, usually at least 2,020 feet. However, it is worth noting that such booths tend to be more expensive. Consider choosing an island booth for your important exhibition, in which you want to gain maximum visibility.

Peninsula booth

The Peninsula booth shares the rear wall with the adjacent booth, and has three open sides. This means that you will face customers from three directions. Similar to the island booth, the cost of the peninsula booth is generally high. They are relatively large, usually at at least 1,020 feet. If you want to get good exposure and interaction from multiple angles, the Peninsula booth is the appropriate choice for your important exhibition.

Corner Booth

The corner stall has two adjacent stalls, sharing the back wall and one side wall. These stalls have two open sides that allow you to interact with your customers in both directions. The corner are are cost lower compared to the Peninsula booth. They are often preferred for small businesses that seek affordable options while still gaining exposure from multiple angles.

Corner Booth

The corner stall has two adjacent stalls, sharing the back wall and one side wall. These stalls have two open sides that allow you to interact with your customers in both directions. The corner are are cost lower compared to the Peninsula booth. They are often preferred for small businesses that seek affordable options while still gaining exposure from multiple angles.

Accessories for the trade display booth

For a complete trade exhibition booth, the corresponding accessories are indispensable, make good use of the collocation of accessories, can better display their own products and promote the corporate image.

Of course, a variety of accessories can be selected, but I still recommend some necessary accessories collocation, can make the whole trade exhibition booth more rich.

  • Counter
  • TV bracket
  • Shelf
  • lights
  • Showcase
TV bracket
Arm lights for exhibition

The reason why I recommend these accessories is that the exhibitors prefer these basic combinations in the daily use of trade exhibition booths.

In general, the use of accessories is more to play the role of icing on the cake. The core of the trade display booth is still the framework itself. The principle of purchasing accessories should be to make the best use of everything, rather than the inversion of the cart at a lot of cost on the purchase of accessories.

Purchase and Rent trade display booths

Choosing between renting and buying a trade show stand is a decision that requires careful consideration. By assessing your business’s specific needs, budget, and exhibition plans, you can make an informed choice.

Renting offers flexibility for occasional exhibitors, while purchasing provides long-term cost savings for businesses committed to regular trade show participation.

Renting a Trade Show Display

If you have a limited number of trade shows planned for the year or you’re uncertain about your long-term exhibition plans, renting a booth is a viable option. Renting allows you to access high-quality displays without the upfront investment and commitment associated with purchasing. It can be a cost-effective choice for businesses that want flexibility and prefer to test the waters before committing to a long-term investment.

Buying an Exhibition Display Booth

On the other hand, if you anticipate participating in trade shows consistently or have multiple exhibitions lined up, purchasing a trade show display booth can be a wise investment. While it requires a higher upfront cost, owning a booth offers long-term benefits. Based on our experience, the cost of renting a booth is typically around half of the purchasing cost. Therefore, if you rent a booth twice, you would have already spent the same amount as buying one. In other words, using a purchased booth three times or more allows you to save on rental fees and maximize your return on investment.

Clear marketing goals

In fact, the choice of exhibitors’ trade exhibition booths is often closely related to the marketing goals of participating in the exhibition. Different marketing goals often determine the amount of investment in the exhibition.

Most exhibitors tend to target the following things:

  • Sell and promote products or services
  • Create and deepen the corporate brand image
  • Promote sales and consolidate market share
  • Explore potential customers and expand existing customer relationships


It is crucial to consider multiple factors when choosing a trade show booth.

First, understand the basic types of trade display booths, such as modularity, customization, and their applicable scenarios. At the same time, consider the size and configuration of the booth, including linear booth, peninsula booth, separate booth and island booth, to ensure that the target audience and product display needs match.

The accessories of the trade display booths are also a key factor to enhance the display effect. The decision to buy or lease a trade display booth involves weighing costs against long-term benefits and making informed decisions based on the budget.

The most important thing is to clarify their own marketing objectives, so as to choose the appropriate booth type and configuration, to ensure the success of the trade display booth. Considering these factors together will help to achieve the display goals, attract the target customers, and improve the success rate of the exhibition.



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