Elevating Exhibitions with Small Modular Trade Show Display Systems


In this blog, we will explore one of the popular types of aluminum trade show booths known as small modular display systems. Specifically, we will focus on the four main types available in the market: R8 standard shell scheme system, Square system 40, Luban toolless system, and Modular SEG popup system. These systems offer various advantages in terms of ease of installation, aesthetics, portability, and customization options.

R8 Standard Shell Scheme System

The R8 system is widely used for shell scheme exhibition stands in Asia and Europe. It is known for its reliable tension lock mechanism, which ensures a firm and secure structure. This system follows the German standard, ensuring high-quality construction. It is particularly popular for creating 3×3 shell scheme booths, providing a practical and versatile solution for smaller exhibitions.



Square System 40

The Square system 40 is an upgraded version of the exhibition shell scheme system. Similar to the R8 system, it utilizes a tension lock mechanism for enhanced stability. However, the Square system 40 boasts a more visually appealing design compared to its predecessor. With its sleek and modern appearance, it offers an aesthetically pleasing solution for exhibitors.




Luban Toolless System

Inspired by the ancient Chinese woodworking techniques of Lu Ban, the Luban toolless system represents a significant advancement in modular display systems. The frame components are constructed using aluminum profiles and feature plastic mortise and tenon joints at both ends. As the name suggests, this system eliminates the need for additional tools such as torx screwdrivers and tension locks. With a simple “push” and “click” installation process, assembling a basic frame unit becomes faster, easier, and safer. The rounded plastic mortises and tenons ensure user safety and prevent potential hand injuries. Additionally, the Luban system utilizes fabric as its surface material, which allows for foldability, customization, and easy transportation. Moreover, it offers a wide range of trade show booth accessories, including bridges, door sets, TV back panels, shelves, and pegboards, enhancing both the functionality and aesthetics of the booth.


trade show backwall


Modular SEG Popup System

The Modular SEG popup system represents an innovative combination of traditional popups and SEG frames. Unlike conventional popups that consist of several hard PVC sheets, the SEG popup utilizes a single fabric panel that can be easily folded and compactly packaged. The unique push-fit graphic installation ensures a flat, wrinkle-free display surface, surpassing the performance of traditional velcro popups. The system offers a plethora of accessories, such as backlit systems that transform the booth into a captivating lightbox, brackets for mounting TVs on the fabric panel, and show boxes for showcasing products within the frame. Furthermore, the modular nature of the SEG popup system allows it to be used independently or combined with other units to create longer, higher, or perpendicular background walls, and even spanning composite structures like bridges. This versatility is achieved through the abundance of connectors designed with modularity in mind, resulting in a truly fascinating portable display system.


Portable exhibition booth



Small modular display systems provide exhibitors with flexible, convenient, and visually appealing solutions for booths under 20x20ft. The R8 standard shell scheme system, Square system 40, Luban toolless system, and Modular SEG popup system each offer unique features and benefits. Whether it’s the reliable tension lock mechanism of the R8 system, the improved aesthetics of the Square system 40, the toolless installation convenience of the Luban system, or the versatility and modular design of the SEG popup system, these small modular display systems cater to different preferences and requirements.

By leveraging these innovative aluminum booths, exhibitors can effectively showcase their products and create impressive displays at trade shows and exhibitions.


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