Exhibition planning for 2024


Unconsciously, 2023 has become the past, and the New Year has also ushered in the recovery of many exhibitions. We should not only look back on the past exhibition experience, but also prepare for 2024. What prospects and plans for the New Year exhibition should be specified in advance, so as to lay a good foundation for the New Year. So, let me talk about what we need to do for the New Year.

Study market dynamics

  • Industry development trend

In the New Year, the development state of the industry will change more or less. When industrial innovation or new blood flows in the industry, the development of the exhibition industry will be stimulated, and many clubs will be guided to carry out exhibition activities in related industries, so as to increase the exposure of the industry and its own popularity.

In addition to the development trend of the industry itself, we should also pay attention to the development of other industries, whether it has an incentive or inhibitory effect on the industry. For example, in recent years, the continuous development of the new energy field has greatly stimulated the development of related exhibition industries and seized the exhibition share of many electronics industry itself.

Combined with the internal and external development trend of the industry, they can better recognize their own strength and layout the future planning, so as to reduce the future mistakes and strengthen to seize the opportunity of change and innovation.

  • Changes in the exhibition field

Exhibition field is not static, is also change with the change of the trend of The Times, for example, the rise of AI field, actually has begun to use in the exhibition, sometimes not just the change in the field of light drive the exhibitors, in turn, some exhibitors enterprise concept and foresight, also can promote the exhibition in the field of update.

Often this new technology, new field change period, the exhibitors who can seize this trend often benefit a lot, so the information and status change in the exhibition field is one aspect that exhibitors need to pay attention to.

  • Changes in the booth design

Although the change in booth design is caused by multiple factors, such as the size of the booth, the geographical location of the pavilion, the design requirements of exhibitors and so on. However, in the past timeline of each exhibition to date, the booth design trend will change. If the exhibitors who participate in an exhibition all the year round will feel the change, but for the new exhibitors, this change is difficult for them to understand.

The design trend of an exhibition will affect the overall effect of the exhibition. Therefore, before you want to attend an exhibition, you should make all preparations in advance, especially the overall trend at that time. At the same time, you should add your own design elements to make the whole booth stand out.

Make clear your own exhibition goals

For their own exhibition goals, the goals of different stages also need to have a detailed customized planning. In the New Year, all exhibitors should carry out relevant exhibition goals according to their own enterprise strength, future planning and other aspects.

Similarly, they are changing, peers are also changing, who can seize the opportunity faster, can affect more customer group traffic and market share in the New Year.

Choose the right exhibition

Whether the exhibition is suitable or not should be based on the industry attributes and time arrangement of the exhibition. These two points are the important factors for the exhibitors to decide whether to participate in the exhibition.

Exhibition industry attributes, the same industry exhibition is not only one, the same industry or similar industry attributes of the exhibition in different places and time will have different exhibition, then the exhibitors need to consider the popularity of the exhibition organizers, the price of the contract, the location and time is in line with their needs.

In the New Year, one exhibition I recommend is the grand show, CES (International Consumer Electronics Show), which is very suitable for companies in the consumer electronics industry and technology industry, who show their latest products and innovative technologies through this channel.

As for the time of the exhibition, generally speaking, the time of the exhibition is relatively fixed, and there will be no much change. Therefore, exhibitors can actually select the exhibition very early, make the corresponding schedule, and do not conflict between the exhibition period and other major events, which will cause a lot of cost loss.

Consider your booth

  • Booth selection

Booth selection, some exhibitors are based on their long-term contract signed with the corresponding organizers to determine the long-term station. But for other exhibitors, each year is a different experience, with different booth sizes and the type of trade display booth available.

Different booth size, for exhibitors, the size of the booth can refer to the previous year’s exhibition effect to choose, such as the last year is using 10x20ft booth size, but the effect did not meet their expectations, so you can try to 20x20ft booth, add more design elements, make the booth more full and stereo. If you have no experience in participating, you can refer to the relevant online exhibition information, collect the relevant information in the exhibition, and initially determine what size of the booth and what type of trade exhibition booth is popular.

As for the type of trade exhibition booth, it actually depends on the size of the booth. If it is a small booth, such as a 10x10ft booth, the smaller space limits the type and design of the trade exhibition booth, so we often see an application based on a background wall. For the booth with sufficient design and display space, the type of trade exhibition booth can have rich choices. For Wegodisplays, you can choose Luban system, SEG popup system, Qseg system, or multiple systems.

  • Rental or purchase

For the choice of lease and purchase, each has advantages and disadvantages, it requires the exhibitors in the New Year to participate in the exhibition plan.

If the frequency of participating in the exhibition is low, and the exhibition scope is in some exhibition concentrated cities, the rental trade exhibition booth will be a better choice.

Relatively speaking, the purchase of a reusable modular trade exhibition booth is more suitable for exhibitors with a wide range and high exhibition frequency. A complete purchase can even cover the exhibition projects of the whole year.

For the reusable modular system, Wegodisplays Luban system is a very good choice. The aluminum alloy material ensures the strength and has a certain toughness. In the construction process of different styles, there is very good plasticity, and there will be no damage to the main structure.

  • Theme and graphic design

The design of the theme and picture can be formulated according to the enterprise strategic plan of the New Year, laying the basic color tone and clear theme direction.

After these two points are clear, the picture design difficulty of different trade exhibition booths will be reduced a lot. At the same time, the theme should not be easily changed in the whole year, which will change the impression of the customer group on the relevant enterprises. At the same time, it will increase the publicity and maintenance costs of the enterprises, so that the loss is not worth the loss.

Staffing of the business team

For the business team, it is necessary to optimize personnel allocation. In the whole exhibition, personnel in each position will have different performance. Those with excellent performance should be affirmed and rewarded, and personnel with mistakes and poor performance should strengthen relevant training, or even replace the decision of personnel.

This is a more realistic problem, whether for the long-term development of the enterprise, or the current immediate interests, the quality of the fittest is an inevitable result.


The exhibition planning for 2024 emphasizes market research and clear objectives. Understanding industry trends, selecting suitable exhibitions, and adjusting booth designs are crucial. Exhibitors should adapt booth sizes and trade display methods based on experience and market feedback. Choosing between leasing or purchasing trade displays requires careful consideration. Theme and image design play a pivotal role in shaping a company’s image. Additionally, optimizing team configuration and management are key to a successful exhibition. Comprehensive consideration of market trends, goal planning, exhibition selection and design, as well as team management, will help businesses gain more opportunities and market share in 2024.


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