Five issues that need to be avoided in trade shows


When the second half of each year, is the peak season for trade show booth exhibition, all kinds of exhibitions continue to open, exhibitors also have different preparation plans for different types of trade show booths. In the face of so many exhibitions and a large number of exhibitors, exhibitors of the same type of exhibition, in the case of the same starting line level, whether they are carefully prepared to participate in the trade booth exhibition, the results achieved are often different

This article is to discuss some problems that need to be avoided in trade shows.

  • Location and size of the trade show booth were wrongly selected

Location of the trade show booth

The location of the trade show booth is the first condition for participating in the trade exhibition. Experienced exhibitors will often book their favorite trade show booth location one year or even earlier in advance.

Some exhibitors often because of temporary decision to participate in the exhibition or some other factors, not advance booking the location of the trade show booth, so the selection of trade booth location becomes difficult, leaving some is not so popular or low cost trade show booth location, this is a very headache.

Therefore, the decision to participate in an exhibition is for the management of the company to decide in advance and book a trade exhibition booth location that it is satisfied with in all aspects. Otherwise, many follow-up work cannot be carried out, and the final effect of the booth will not achieve their expected results, so the gain is not worth the loss.

Trade show booth map

Size of the trade show booth

In addition to the location of the trade show booth, its size is also a point that can not be ignored. In the selection of the trade show booth, often the exhibitors have done the final design of the trade show booth, according to the design to choose the appropriate size of the trade show booth.

Of course, there are also selected the location and size of the trade show booth, and then do the trade show booth design. Both options are ok. I personally recommend to do the design of the trade show booth first, and then choose the location and size, because this way will not limit the design of the trade show booth because of the fixed size of the trade show booth.

The size selection of trade show booth is mainly made according to the exhibitor’s own budget and the design of the early trade show booth. Exhibitors need to weigh many factors and finally decide the appropriate size of their own trade show booth.

  • The preparation work before proceeding is not sufficient

1.Transport problems at the trade show booth

Exhibitors need to transport their trade show booths to the venues and build them in the first few days. However, according to experience, many exhibitors are often easy to have accidents on the way of transportation, resulting in damage or loss of trade exhibition booths.

There are many exhibitors from other cities and even all over the world. During the long transportation process, how to ensure the transportation of goods is a big problem.

For small and medium-sized booths, it is recommended to buy trade show booths online and send them directly to the exhibition venue or your own company. After receiving the booth, you can try to build and investigate some potential problems.

One of the reasons for choosing online purchase is that there are transportation and after-sales guarantee services, and problems can be timely communicated with businesses to solve. For example, Wegodisplays is a trade show booth supplier from China. They have their own factories and high-quality after-sales guarantee service. Exhibitors can reduce their troubles in this aspect, so as to focus on participating in other aspects of the exhibition.

trade show booth transportation

2.The product ready to be displayed is lost

This kind of problem is also one of the common problems, especially for the exhibitors’ industry is about small exhibits, not only the quantity, but also the variety, it is more likely to occur product loss problem.

Therefore, before the product shipment, the relevant person in charge should determine the type and quantity of the product, do a good job of classification, plan the product in advance, and reduce the loss of the product goods.

3.The problem of the absence of the business personnel represented

In terms of business, the business team of the exhibitors is also an indispensable part of the whole exhibition process. The one-on-one conversation with the exhibitors is the key to facilitate the potential transaction.

The absence of professional business personnel, in the small way, only affects the current customer conversation, to the big, affects the overall image of the company, which will bring unexpected losses to the company.

Therefore, the personnel allocation of the business team should also be arranged in advance. If the main force is absent from the exhibition, there should be enough emergency measures, and the main work should be completed by professional substitutes.

  • The purchased trade show booths are not suitable for the selected trade show booth space

As mentioned above, the trade show booth should be designed before the purchase of the trade display booth space.

However, many exhibitors did not take this issue into account, which may be due to the lack of location of trade exhibition booths, the lack of purchase time and other factors. Then, the overall size of the booth was not fully considered when designing the trade exhibition booth. It is easy to have display booth conflicts with adjacent exhibitors.

The space of the trade exhibition booth is not only the size of the plane, but also the height. Many organizers’ venues are limited height, and the design of the corresponding trade show booth should take this factor into account, not on the spot, the adjustment is often unsatisfactory.


  • Assemble the trade show booth in error

In the early stage, the organizer will allow 2-3 days or even more time for the exhibitors to set up their own trade show booths.

However, the construction of trade show booths is a laborious problem for exhibitors.Sometimes when you build your own, even when building a professional team, there will be building problems.

There are often several reasons for the construction of trade show booths:

  • The exhibitors themselves did not have enough communication with the suppliers
  • Exhibitors did not conduct the test construction
  • Building a team and boothssuppliers is not a partnership
  • The communication between the exhibitors and the building team is not detailed enough

There are three options for exhibitors to build the display booth

  • Choose a provider of good quality service
  • Select the construction team undertaken by the organizer
  • Choose a private building team

Choose a supplier of good quality service

This choice is most of the quality choice of small and medium-sized trade show booth exhibitors. Because small and medium-sized trade show booth, as long as there is a detailed construction method, can completely build their own display booth.

The choice of suppliers, whether online or offline, needs exhibitors to choose well, online and offline two ways, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Here I recommend Wegodisplays, a supplier from China.

Wegodisplays Is a professional and experienced supplier, it is mainly engaged in the sale of small and medium-sized trade display stalls, it has a high-quality service guarantee, whether pre-sale or after-sale, its service strength is very strong.

It not only has the relevant detailed installation instructions, but also the corresponding installation video. In addition, there are also problems that do not understand or install difficult, you can contact the relevant person in charge at any time, and solve the relevant problems.

Select the construction team undertaken by the organizer

Organizers often have cooperative construction teams to provide construction services for major exhibitors. Building teams can serve all kinds of trade exhibition booth types, which provides convenience for major exhibitors.

However, it also has its disadvantages, such as the increase of labor costs, the professionalism of building a team, so exhibitors need to consider their own choices

Choose a private building team

The privatel building team, the service function will be almost the same as the building team undertaken by the organizer, but you can enjoy better service, and you can put forward more reasonable requirements.

But there are also some problems. The labor cost is the highest among the three, which is beyond doubt. In addition, some organizers are not allowed to build their own teams. These factors require consideration by the exhibitors.

  • Be charged additional other fees

In the whole process of the exhibition, there will be a variety of expenses, the budget cost is reasonable, but there are often some other additional costs, if there is no sufficient preparation, it will be easy to encounter embarrassing situations.

Therefore, my personal suggestion is that the total budget in the early stage should be 10% of the budget plus the budget, giving sufficient expenses to cope with emergencies. If the budget is limited, it can reduce the unnecessary spending within the foreseeable cost, and spend more money to more important places.

  • Conclusion

Overall, My personal opinion is to individuals emphasize the importance of preparation and decision-making during the exhibition process to ensure that exhibitors can be successful in trade display booth shows.

Avoiding the above problems can improve the effectiveness of the exhibition and reduce the potential difficulties.


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