Highlight the five elements of a trade show booth


Usually, the exhibitors attending the exhibition will rack their brains on how to highlight their trade show stalls to attract potential customers, especially after the direct fatigue of the various trade exhibition booths, which further tests the exhibitors’ preparation for the whole exhibition.

Then the next blog will be a discussion on how to better present the trade show booth.


The design of graphic picture is the most important link to highlight the whole trade exhibition booth, so the control of all aspects needs to choose professional suppliers, and Wegodisplays is a perfect choice, it has a professional design team that can be designed to your needs while also offering free rendering services.

Theme color

The color selection of graphics should meet the theme at the beginning of the exhibition at the beginning of the exhibition. First, the foundation laid can effectively carry out the work in the plan, and the second, it can lay a foundation for a series of work such as subsequent content formulation, and effectively improve the work efficiency.

The theme color is the first impression of the exhibitors based on the trade exhibition booth. Whether it can attract potential customers depends on whether the theme color of the exhibitors is prominent and whether it is more in line with the preferences of the exhibitors.

Content formulation

The formulation of the content should conform to the audience habits of the local exhibitors, and should also refer to the normal thinking mode of people attending the exhibition. Distter picture, lengthy text content compared to no matter where the audience, is a very headache.

Therefore, when we make content, we should not excessively pursue the expression of content, which leads to a large picture and text output, but also need to have a concise and comfortable content design. For example, the logo can be displayed in multiple parts of the trade exhibition booth, and the drawing materials can be selected to use related products.

Graphic material

The material selection of graphics pictures is generally to choose hot transfer fabric. For hot transfer fabric, the cooperative manufacturers to choose also pay attention to the accuracy of printing graphics, the shrinkage of the fabric, the high and low temperature adaptability, etc.

Often many picture fabrics encounter such problems, its essence is that the material of hot transfer fabric does not meet the relevant requirements.

trade show booth


Lighting is widely used in the exhibition, and its role is mainly to create atmosphere and highlight characteristics. The excellent lighting design and placement will make a trade display booth more rich and coordinated

Light selection

The lamps and lanterns used in the trade exhibition booth can have a variety of choices. The most basic lamps have long arm lamp, overhead light, spotlight, spotlight and so on according to the theme of the trade exhibition booth, which can enhance the consistency of the whole booth and make it look new.

intensity of illumination

Establishing the illumination is a problem that cannot be ignored. As needed, fully select the appropriate illumination for each place that needs light. People need different illumination when they do different things.

In the room, the illumination of the object image is 20 lx, the illumination of entertainment is 150 ~ 300 lx, the illumination of reading and learning is 500 ~ 1000 IX and so on. The illumination should be set reasonably, and too strong and too weak light will cause damage to the eyes. If the light intensity makes the audience uncomfortable, it will leave a bad impression, thus losing a lot of potential customers.


The design of the ground is also a content that can not be ignored. It can not only enhance the design of the exhibition, but also improve the sense of space of the whole booth, so that the audience is more comfortable.

Highly elevated

The height rise of the ground is a small design that many exhibitors like to do. The fact also proves that the visual drop and stampede experience brought by this small design is very popular among the exhibitors, and many exhibitors have gained a lot of potential customers.

However, it is worth noting that the height of the ground lift requires the permission of the organizer, and the design will not be implemented without permission. In addition, the use of this design will increase the construction cost of the exhibition, exhibitors need to choose.

Floor material

Floor material according to the different design use also has a variety of material, the most common is all kinds of carpet shop, this is the most cost-effective way, second is suitable for the special design of floor, such as hardwood floor, bamboo floor, porcelain floor tile, etc., of course these choice without high and low, suitable for their trade show booth style is the best.

Storage space

The setting of the storage space, although from the design of the whole trade display booth has how much impact, but its practical function can not be ignored.

Its use is mainly shown in the following aspects:

  • It can store the redundant and disorderly objects in the whole exhibition space, so that the audience can focus more on the products
  • Provide effective security measures (personal goods, company product catalog, etc.)
  • Increase privacy

Of course, the storage space used in the booth is not only a large application of storage space, but also a lot of storage space, such as reception desk, shelf, and other applications.

Applications in the science and technology fields

With the continuous development of science and technology, the exhibition industry is also making continuous progress, and the application of multimedia in the exhibition is also more and more.

The current exhibition collocation is not only the traditional TV set, projection display, but also the application of holographic projection and VR product experience. The purpose is to make customers feel the product characteristics more intuitively, so as to facilitate the transaction.

In addition, the rise of AI industry has been continuously applied to various industries, and the exhibition industry is no exception. In fact, AI has appeared in recent exhibitions, especially in the technology industry exhibitions, which mainly use service-oriented scenarios such as question and answer robots.


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