How to attract people at the exhibition?


How to attract people at the exhibition is a common topic, but my fans always ask me, ” Is there any better way to attract people at the exhibition.”People are always developing in a better direction, so today we will start from the preparation to the end of the exhibition, a whole process to analyze how to better attract people at the exhibition.

Clear exhibition policy and strategy

At the beginning of the exhibition, we should first determine the goal of this exhibition, so as to formulate the corresponding policy and strategies. Exhibitors often participate in the exhibition for many purposes, including the following ones:

  • Promote the brand
  • Promote sales
  • establish relations
  • market research
  • Release new products
  • Improve the industry’s influence
  • Etc

In general, the purpose of the exhibitors is to use the exhibition platform to promote business growth, expand market influence, and establish contact with industry peers, so as to achieve its business goals, so we want to achieve the effect of attracting people, from their own purpose, according to the exhibition policy and strategy to carry out the follow-up work, so as to catch attention, keep the footsteps of the crowd.

Exquisite booth design and layout

As for the booth design and layout, my personal opinion is mainly reflected in two aspects, one is the external overall effect of the exhibition, the other is the internal atmosphere experience. One is to attract the exhibitors, one is to retain the exhibitors.

External overall effect

This kind of embodiment mainly depends on the exhibitor’s requirements for the selection of suppliers and the design of trade exhibition booths. The choice of exhibitors is diverse, such as the choice of materials, wooden booth or aluminum booth, customization of purchase or local rental, etc., will affect the overall external effect.

Internal atmosphere experience

In order to retain the exhibitors, it is not only the strength of their own enterprises and the attraction of products, but also supporting contact areas and rest areas. Whether it is the purchase of furniture or the design of lighting, it will bring different experience atmosphere to the exhibitors. In a good atmosphere, exhibitors will feel relaxed and open the topic easier, which will help them spend more time in the booth, better understand the products and services of exhibitors, facilitate the conclusion of potential transactions, and greatly increase the possibility of turning exhibitors into existing customers.

The exquisite booth design and layout can not only attract the attention of the audience, but also leave a deep impression. This design provides a comfortable experience, making the audience more willing to stay and deeply understand the products and services on display. Clear navigation and layout allow viewers to easily find what interests them, while the interactive elements of the design provide them with a richer experience. In addition, the booth design can also highlight the product features to help the audience better understand the value and advantages of the product.

Exhibition design, more or need to have a professional trade show booth suppliers, Wegodisplays, for example, is a professional trade display equipment company, before determining the purchase trade display booth, will according to the requirements of the customer combined with their product strength gives professional virtual exhibition booth design, and rendering rendering to customers, let the customer can see more intuitive trade show booth finished product effect.

Excellent booth interactive activities

Excellent booth interactive activities is one of the important measures to attract the exhibition crowd, so the planning and preparation of the early activities is the top priority, which needs to be taken seriously rather than perfunctory.

trade show cases

Excellent booth interactive activities have the following functions:

Attracting the audience: Interactive activities can attract the attention of the crowd around them, make them stop, and take the interested meeting to watch, which is conducive to increasing the exposure and attraction of the trade exhibition booth.

Enhance brand awareness: Excellent interactive activities are easier for exhibitors who have experienced interactive activities to remember and make the exhibitors’ brand more prominent.

Promote on-site sales: On-site sales is one of the functions of exhibitors. If interactive activities are combined with product experience, it can greatly increase the success rate of direct purchase and order, and attract potential customers, laying a foundation for business development during and after the exhibition.

Provide value experience and identity: Participating in interactive activities will greatly stimulate their initial interest in the products of exhibitors or enterprises, so that they are more willing to spend time to learn more information in the booth. At the same time, it will increase the sense of identity of the people around it and promote the business work.

Establish customer group relationship: participating in the interactive activities of the exhibition can effectively obtain the contact information of the exhibitors or directly reach a cooperative relationship, which helps to establish a long-term customer relationship, and return visit and maintenance.

Holding booth interactive activities in the exhibition is crucial for exhibitors, because these activities can not only attract the attention of visitors and improve brand awareness, but also strengthen brand image, promote sales and establish long-term customer relationships through positive interaction. These interactive events bring valuable experiences to the audience, making them more willing to interact with exhibitors and gain a deeper understanding of their products and services, thus achieving greater success at the show.

Professional business reception team

The business team of the exhibitor is the representative of the exhibitor in the exhibition. The professionalism of the business team is directly related to the image and reputation of the exhibitor. The professional business team can often leave a good first impression on the exhibitors for the first time

The business reception team in the exhibition plays an indispensable role in the whole exhibition link. The transmission of information and the coordination of the organization all need to be completed by a professional business team, which will make the interested exhibitors will not be so confused and embarrassed when entering the booth to understand the relevant enterprises or product information.

In addition, the professional business team can continuously record and accumulate the relevant experience in the process of receiving the exhibitors, understand their needs and intentions, and establish a good customer relationship, which can bring more business opportunities and cooperation relations for the exhibitors in the future.


Perfect after-sales service display

The link of after-sales service is often the last link. Only by reflecting the after-sales service of the exhibitors in the exhibition can the exhibitors have no worries at home and strengthen the cooperation determination of the exhibitors.

The information that reflects the after-sales service can be effectively reflected in the after-sales service information through the composition of the trade display booth, the printing brochure, the introduction of the business team, and so on. Where I want to mention the trade display booth component.

As a part of the trade exhibition booth, light boxes can be used to highlight the expression of information, not only the expression of after-sales service information, exhibitors can also express the information they want to highlight, such as enterprise LOGO, product advantages, corporate culture, etc.


Exhibition is not easy to attract people, need to be cleverly planned. First of all, it is crucial to clarify the exhibition target; the design of booth is the key, appearance, internal atmosphere should be comfortable and charming; the booth interactive activities are indispensable, such as fascinating game or product experience, can attract the attention of the audience, deepen the brand memory; professional business team is also crucial, they are the representative of the brand image, the professional service can leave a good impression; in addition, perfect after-sales service is also a key link, can let the participants feel the brand care and enhance the willingness to cooperate.

To attract people, the exhibition not only needs the appearance of attracting eyeballs, but also needs the internal strength and sincerity to show, in order to really win the favor of the audience.


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