How to choose a trade show booth location?

Since your trade show plan is completed, you have to contact the organizers to purchase your trade show booths. So how to book a better booth and get more business opportunities?

10x30 DIY trade show booth

Book trade show booth earlier

The earlier you book, the better booth you will get. As you know, the earlier order, the more optional booths are available, so the chances of choosing a better booth are higher. Industry giants often book fixed booth positions every year, so these are not booths that small and medium-sized enterprises can choose.

Choose a place with a high population flow

Choose on the main road of traffic. The first choice is the booth close to the entrance of the exhibition hall, which has the largest quantity of people;

the second is the booth near the intersection of the main road. The intersection is often the gathering place of industry giants. Such companies have their own visitors, so there will naturally be a part of the diversion visitors;

The location near a large booth can obtain the visitors overflow of some large companies or famous brands.

Select the location of the potential customers

Choose a booth close to potential customers. If you are participating in an exhibition that your customers often attend, please try to choose a booth close to them or a place where their staff often pass by.

In this case, the best location is directly opposite them, then by the left and right sides, then diagonally opposite, and finally the only way to the restaurant or bathroom. In short is where you have many opportunities to meet them.

BCM 10x20 exhibition booth

Finally,anywhere, as long as you participate in the exhibition, you have the opportunity to communicate with your customers face to face.


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