How to decorate the booth with the appropriate technology and accessories


With the development of the digital age, the application of technology in the digital field has become an indispensable part of various activity cultures, such as trade shows, supermarket promotion activities and so on. At the same time, in addition to the corresponding technical application, the overall effect in the application scene also needs the collocation and foil of all kinds of accessories.


Technical field

Application scenarios and scale

The application of technology field, the most basic is to depend on the application scenarios of technology, different digital applications will present different effects.

For example, if the exhibitor wants to apply the technology in his trade display booth, then the technology application field should be more lateral information interaction, or the enterprise meeting scene, then the remote connected video and LED screen content display are needed.

There are many applications in the field of technology. Now it is not only digital applications, but also more emerging technologies are constantly joining the market, such as VR, AI and so on

Organizers request

For the construction party, all kinds of requirements of the organizer need to be paid attention to, whether it is to participate in large trade exhibitions, or to build booth marketing activities in the supermarket, according to the charter of the organizer. Therefore, at the beginning of the design, according to the requirements of different organizers, to set their own technical application direction and the scope of the allowed operation.

This can reduce the contradiction between the two and the potential contradiction between avoidance and customers. On the other hand, it is also to avoid risks and increase the chance of customer acquisition.

The degree of preferences of the crowd

Application scenario and scale are the basis to determine the application of technology, so the degree of crowd preference is the key to the development of technology application. Some new technologies, or even complete technologies, will have some negative feedback. If we do not grasp the preferences of the people around the application scenario for the application in related technical fields, it will play a reverse effect or even a negative effect. For example, the small trade fairs around the square do use too much light interaction, which makes the experience of the local people feel uncomfortable, so they may face the loss of traffic or even reports from the public.

BCM 10x20 exhibition booth

Accessory decoration

Accessories decoration, in my opinion, can be basically divided into two large pieces, just like the decoration of the house, divided into hard decoration and soft decoration, for the trade display booth, is the same truth.

The design of the external structure and the combination of the internal content elements, the combination of the two is a perfect trade display booth.

The design and collocation of the external structure

The design of the external structure is mainly reflected in the overall appearance of the whole, for trade show, exhibitors to participate in trade shows, often want to make their trade show booth more prominent, more striking, in appearance will make a lot of design, but generally the ground, booth and booth above the space. For example, the type of ground has the choice of ground lifting, carpet and floor mat; the main body of the booth is reflected in the overall shape and the use of light boxes; the upper space is mainly suspended ceiling design.

Customized content collocation

The collocation of content elements in the trade exhibition booth can be carried out from many aspects, and the application in the technical field mentioned above can also be regarded as a kind of collocation decoration. But what use most commonly is TV bracket, shelf, hang board to wait for the accessory of these collocation trade display booth main body, still have the design of corresponding trade display furniture and put. The construction and collocation of the internal space can create a scene atmosphere at home, improve the exhibition experience of the audience, and enhance the possibility of exploring potential customers.

Highlight of the cultural elements

The prominence of cultural elements is mainly related to the enterprise. The display of enterprise culture and products. In addition to the physical display, it is more to display through the elastic weaving picture of the trade exhibition booth, which requires two aspects of postgraduate entrance examination.

One is that the designers of the exhibitors control the elements of corporate culture, and they should more and better show the information in the booth, and the design of the picture effect and the overall booth are not abrupt.

Second is making elastic fabric picture suppliers, a good supplier determines the design effect, Wegodisplays is a very professional trade display equipment company, it not only sell modular aluminum trade show booth, can also provide elastic fabric production and printing, have their own factory, can control the overall quality.


Suitable technology and accessories decoration is a very perfect design route for a trade show booth. When exhibitors design a trade show booth, they should start from these two points, at least one point, so as to have enough content to attract customers, so as to explore potential customers.


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