How to follow up with your customers after a trade show


Exhibitors’ potential customers will be lost over time, so participating in the exhibition is one of the most important channels to maintain existing customers and explore new potential customers. In the whole link of the exhibition, what measures should we do to better follow up and explore customers? The next article Wegodisplays will lead us to a preliminary understanding of the follow-up and maintenance of customers.

Make sure that you keep your customer information

Some ways to retain customer information

  • Request to leave the customer contact information
  • Prize incentive type to obtain customer information
  • Use the web method of the questionnaire
  • Business card swap during an offline conversation

Retaining customer information is the most basic and important link, because you can not track and maintain the later stage without customer information, but it should be noted that when we obtain customer information, it is on the premise of customer voluntary, do not let the customer feel disgusted.

Make good use of the role of social media

Because of the popularity of the Internet, the role of social media is increasing, so we should pay attention to the following two points in the use of social media.

Daily social media operations and maintenance

If the audience of potential customers have a deeper impression on themselves, the content and update frequency of social media should be guaranteed, which is not only the output of the content, but also a recognition of the strength and stability of the enterprise, which greatly increases the recognition of potential customers for the enterprise.

The choice of social media platforms

The choice of different platforms will mean that the flow of volume and source will change, for enterprises, nature is to choose more exposure, traffic of social platform, such as established platform with Facebook, YouTube, Linkedin, emerging Ins, printrest, such as different platforms have different related functions, so the late operation and maintenance needs on each platform according to the traffic preferences on the content of the crowd.

social media

Classification and follow-up according to the customer portrait

In the initial communication with customers, it is necessary to start to classify different portraits of customers, according to the following three categories can be divided into their own products.

potential customer

Most of the potential customers leave information online, and those who are slightly interested in the exhibitors, such as filling in the questionnaire and browsing the company’s official website on site. This kind of customer is more in the interest level, of course, the interest in a product is the first step in facilitating the transaction.

potential clients

Such customers are those with clear cooperation intention or long-time negotiations. They want to have a deeper understanding of the product, so as to carry out a series of assessments such as interests and risks. If the psychological expectations of such customers can be met, they will often increase the probability of cooperation.

Buy customers

This kind of customers often have had conversation experience, or have prior understanding and familiarity with the exhibitors, found different products or technologies in the exhibition, will give such customers to strengthen the determination to buy, satisfied with the order in the exhibition is often.

These three basic categories of customers, clear the direction of future work and provide the preparation for the maintenance of customers, will greatly improve the efficiency of customer marketing, and strengthen the customer conversion rate.

Be prepared for a long time maintenance period

In fact, one of the functions of participating in the exhibition is to maintain potential customers and deepen the impression of the enterprise in the hearts of potential customers. However, as we all know, the time limit of cooperation is different for different industries. For industries with long conversion cycle, it is more necessary to maintain long-term customer maintenance and often “appear” in the customer information circle. When he needs it, he will think of you, so that our purpose of maintaining customers will be achieved.

Don’t give up on any of the prospects

Although it is necessary to classify customers, but it is not to treat them differently, as long as the customer, there is the direction of our efforts, any customer may become our partner in the future, seriously maintain every customer, is the most basic operation of customer marketing.

In the business world, every potential customer is a potential business opportunity. Different customers may show their interest in the product or service at different times. Therefore, we cannot easily give up any potential customers, because they may become future partners.

After a trade show, customers’ interest is often the result of their first exposure to a product or service. Through the interaction, communication and providing relevant information at the exhibition, we obtained the contact information of potential customers. At this time, do not ignore these information, but to use, targeted follow-up work.


In general, customer follow-up after the trade show needs to comprehensively improve the level of customer relationship management through effective information retention, social media operation, customer classification and long-term maintenance, so as to promote the transformation of potential customers into partners and achieve sustainable business growth.


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