How to increase the chances of transforming potential customers


Mining and transforming potential customers is one of the important reasons for exhibitors to participate in the exhibition. Therefore, how to receive the potential customers of the exhibition, how to improve the chance of transforming potential customers and transform the existing potential customers into actual trading customers is the ultimate goal of exhibitors. Next, I will carry out some personal suggestions and views on this topic.

Personalized trade show booth

A mature and personalized display booth is the first impression established for potential customers. Whether the potential customers will be interested in the relevant products and whether they will enter the exhibitor booth depends on the first impression of the trade display booth of the exhibition.

Personalized trade exhibition booth not only represents the first impression of the outside, but also reflects the strength and credibility of the exhibitors.

Different trade display booths have different systems and different materials. Nowadays, aluminum portable booths are popular among the exhibitors. Wegodisplays is a supplier focusing on aluminum booths, and a wide range of display systems can be applied to most exhibition application scenarios.

Share of successful cases

To deepen the impression of potential customers, it is necessary to close the relationship with potential customers, increase the identity of potential customers, and let potential customers constantly empathize. So to achieve this effect, sharing successful cases is an efficient measure.

In fact, the purpose of potential customers is well understood. In order to maximize their interests, use past successful cases and bring the ideas of potential customers into them, they will refer to the product from another Angle and increase the opportunity of transaction cooperation.

Related account information of social media

As an exhibitor’s sales business team, the open sharing of the relevant information of their own enterprises can strengthen the credibility of potential customers. With the popularity of the Internet, the role of social media platforms has been deepened in daily life. For example, LinkedIn is a very convenient platform to understand enterprises. At the same time, the update content and frequency of other social media platforms are also an important factor for potential customers to measure an enterprise.

Especially on the video platform, the constantly updated video content can enable customers to have a richer and more basic understanding of the previous product styles and application scenarios, allowing potential customers to better judge whether the exhibitors meet their own purchasing needs, and better improve the cooperation efficiency.

Build a rapport with potential customers

In the exhibition, exhibitors and potential customers face to face conversation, whether comfortable conversation environment and conversation, will affect the potential customers for exhibitors perception, so, sales team, to establish good relationship with potential customers, provide good service, constantly establish a trust foundation, credibility is the foundation of trust. Trust is based on empathic interpersonal relationships, so it is necessary to quickly and deeply feel the needs of potential customers, seize the opportunity to build a harmonious conversation relationship, and pave the way for future cooperation and transactions.

Develop a clear transaction process

Having a clear agenda and clear follow-up steps will make potential customers feel safe and can withdraw the standardization and professionalism of exhibitors, making potential customers trust exhibitors more. At the same time, a clear transaction process will make potential customers happy in the process of conversation, and will not be upset because of the long and complex process, which will greatly improve the chance of customer conversion.

Do not force trading

The transaction process is an interactive process between the seller and the buyer. In the process of conversation, we should respect the customers and do not rush to reach a transaction, causing the aversion of potential customers. In many cases, the loss of potential customers is not only because the product does not meet the expectations in mind, but also because the potential customers feel the strong purpose in the process of conversation, which will make the potential customers feel uncomfortable.

The business sales team should realize that the buying and selling process is a voluntary process, and do not interfere too much with the customer’s thoughts, so as to force the potential customers to trade in a disguised way. Even if it is successful now, it is only a one-time customer, because the customer will react to the future and will have no potential as a repeat customer.


In this article, we explore ways to increase potential customer conversion rates at trade fairs. First, it is suggested that personalized trade display booths to show the strength of enterprises and increase credibility. Secondly, share successful cases to increase customer identity and cooperation opportunities. Using social media platforms to provide corporate information is also an effective way. In addition, building good relationships and providing a clear transaction process can increase customer trust and security. Finally, it is emphasized to respect customers’ wishes and avoid being too eager to trade. These methods can help exhibitors to effectively improve the conversion rate of potential customers and achieve more opportunities for transaction cooperation.


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