How to Make Your Trade Show Booth Memorable to Customers?

Size and Location of the Trade Show Booth

The infrastructure of the booth plays a crucial role in attracting attention and making a lasting impression. Larger booths often have an advantage in creating a captivating effect.

A larger booth provides ample space to showcase your products.
  • It allows for more creative booth design options.
  • Sufficient space can accommodate a higher number of visitors.
  • A larger booth effectively demonstrates the strength of your company.
Apart from size, the location of the booth also plays a significant role in the success of your exhibition.
  1. Choose a booth location with high foot traffic.
  2. Choose  a spot near well-known companies.

Advantage: Attracts a larger audience, increases exposure for your company and products.

Disvantage: If your products are similar to those of well-known companies, competition may arise, resulting in potential drawbacks. However, if your products are different, the impact will be minimal.

A booth located in an open area without walls on all sides.

Selecting an Effective Booth System

With the constant development of the exhibition industry, there are various booth systems available, such as SEG popup systems, tube systems, wooden booth systems, E-frame systems, and LuBan systems. Here, we recommend two suitable booth systems for larger booths.

LuBan System

The LuBan system is primarily suitable for booth sizes ranging from 3x6m to 6x9m.

  • The Lu Ban system features a fully aluminum steel frame structure with good stability and a certain degree of flexibility to support bending and tilting.
  • One of the significant features of the LuBan system is its easy modular installation without the need for tools. The entire booth can be easily set up using the mortise and tenon structure of the LuBan system.
  • The LuBan system offers a wide range of customized accessories, including TV back panels, shelves, display boards, top lights, arm lights, and even internally illuminated booths if the budget allows.
E-frame System

The E-frame system is more versatile and suitable for booth sizes larger than 9x9m.

  • The materials used in the E-frame system are similar to the LuBan system, but it incorporates a new design concept of “frame-to-frame,” increasing structural strength and making it more suitable for large booth setups.
  • The E-frame system provides more diverse options for booth construction, utilizing the ample space of larger booths. It can incorporate features like suspended ceilings, LED LCD screens, and other customized elements.
E-frame-trade show booth

Diverse Booth Accessories

A well-designed booth requires a combination of various accessories. Different booth systems may have slight differences in accessory arrangements. For example:

  1. LuBan system: Reception desk placement, TV positioning, and the placement of shelves and display boards.
  2. SEG popup system:Installation of built-in cabinets, positioning of top lights.
  3. E-frame system:Application of LED screens, usage of suspended ceilings, etc.

High-Quality Graphic Design

The trade show booth’s graphic design is the first impression customers receive.

A well-executed design will make the booth more vibrant, diverse, and appealing to potential customers’ eyes.

Competent Sales Representatives

In daily exhibitions, the staffing of the booth is crucial. Among the team members, having a skilled and knowledgeable sales representative can effectively showcase and introduce your products. They can engage in meaningful conversations with potential customers and convert them into satisfied clients.


To make your booth memorable to customers, multiple factors need to work together. Remember, our ultimate goal is to acquire high-quality customer resources, so it’s essential to design the booth based on customer preferences and desires. Wegodisplays can meet your needs and assist you in designing and constructing an outstanding booth.


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