How to Reduce Exhibition Costs?


As the pandemic recedes and the economy continues to recover, exhibitions are resuming worldwide. With the revival of exhibitions, exhibitors are facing the challenge of participating in trade shows in a cost-effective manner. Here are several considerations to reduce exhibition costs.

Choose the Right Exhibition

Exhibitions serve as essential channels for exhibitors to showcase their strengths, enhance their influence, and attract potential clients. Selecting the most suitable exhibition is crucial for achieving desired results.

There are various types of exhibitions, including comprehensive expos covering multiple industries, specialized trade shows focusing on a particular industry, and local exhibitions centered around a specific region. Choosing the right exhibition depends on understanding the exhibitor’s needs and aligning them with the target audience and industry focus of each event.

Trade show Booth and Stand Selection

Once the exhibition is chosen, exhibitors need to decide on the trade show booth size, location, and stand design, which are vital components of a successful participation.

Booth Size and Location

Exhibitors with ample budgets may prefer larger booths in prime locations, but those with limited resources must weigh their priorities—whether to prioritize booth size or location.

It is recommended to prioritize a prime location as it is essential for engaging with potential clients effectively.

Stand Design and Setup

1.Designing is a significant portion of the exhibition costs.

Smaller booths may have design limitations due to space constraints, while larger booths might lack sufficient budget for comprehensive designs.

To address this, consider choosing Wegodisplays booths, which offer attractive designs and rich options while being cost-effective, costing only a third of the price of local American booths.

2.Use Tool-less Booths for Easy Setup

The process of stand construction can be another major cost and challenge for exhibitors. Many exhibitions may have designated teams for booth setup, preventing exhibitors from engaging in the process themselves. The high setup costs and uncertainty of the result can be daunting.

To avoid these issues, consider using tool-less booth systems, such as Luban system from Wegodisplays  which uses traditional Chinese joinery principles, eliminating the need for tools while ensuring quick and stable installation. Furthermore, the modular structure allows for greater design possibilities.


Avoidable Additional Expenses

Apart from the main costs mentioned above, there are various other additional expenses that can be minimized or avoided.

Transportation Costs 

Transportation costs during the exhibition can be significant, especially for larger booths. Choosing lightweight and portable booths, such as Wegodisplays Luban system or SEG systems, allows exhibitors to transport the booth conveniently using their vehicles, similar to a road trip.

Labor Costs

Labor costs can be substantial during exhibitions, whether for transportation or booth setup. Using tool-less booth systems can reduce the need for additional labor, thereby lowering costs.

In conclusion

To effectively reduce exhibition costs and maximize value within a budget, it is crucial to make optimal choices regarding the exhibition, booth, and stand. Among these, selecting a cost-effective and high-value booth solution, such as Wegodisplays, can significantly impact the entire exhibition experience and outcomes for exhibitors.


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