Is it still worth attending the show now?


For the exhibitors, it is really a huge expense, because it often brings a lot of feedback, which is good, both at the time and in the future.

However, there are also many exhibitors who only invest their expenses, but have no corresponding feedback. The production ratio does not meet the expected standard, which often leads to the loss of exhibitors and the reduction of the influence of traditional exhibitions.

With the development of The Times, there are more and more voices against the traditional exhibitions:

“Traditional exhibitions are outdated”, “social media is the mainstream”, ” the exhibition investment is not rewarded at all!”wait a minute.

There are so many opposition voices, but the impact on the exhibition industry is very small, this phenomenon we might as well discuss the necessity of participating in the exhibition together.

Measure and track the ROI

Measuring the return on investment of a business or project before a business or project is a must, and it is no exception.

For some businesses who are hesitant to participate in the exhibition, the budget cost and investment return are the two major factors to make up their minds. The budget cost varies from person to person, so we will discuss the return on investment.

Measure of ROI

This is a very realistic data, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the short-term return on investment is very important for them, they need an acceptable return conversion cycle. Compared with large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises can not do large enterprises can wait for a long cycle transformation. So small and medium-sized enterprises in the exhibition this matter is easy to hesitate.

However, the return on investment is divided into multiple aspects. For example, many small and medium-sized enterprises change their exhibition strategies, such as shifting from tapping potential customers to expanding industry circles and developing large business enterprises.

Therefore, for all kinds of enterprises, they can adjust the exhibition to participate in in the early stage, and at the same time, they can refer to the feedback of enterprises of the same volume of exhibitors, whether it is positive feedback, combined with a number of preliminary investigations and studies, and finally decide whether to participate in the corresponding exhibition.

Track the ROI

A simple analysis of different roles for different attitudes to the exhibition, then it is necessary to learn to track the return on investment. Of course, this piece is more for the exhibitors who often participate in the exhibition.

Tracking the return on investment is not only limited to the beginning and end of each exhibition, but also focuses on the accumulated data accumulation of the accumulated number of exhibitions, combined with the overall trend. We can understand the overall benefit of which exhibition is not good, the coverage of the crowd is not wide enough, so as to choose to participate in the exhibition or change the design of trade exhibition booths.

Long-term data tracking and summary can make the past exhibition experience become more clear, which can enhance the decision-making power of enterprises whether to participate in the exhibition, and reduce the missed opportunities due to hesitation.

data collection

Planning and strategy of the system

In order to carry out a good exhibition process, early preparation and paving are essential, so some systematic plans and strategies are needed. Most of the time, the effect of the exhibition is not very ideal, which is often caused by comprehensive factors such as hasty decisions and flawed team cooperation. Here’s a brief discussion on the following three points

Clarify the purpose of participating in the exhibition

If the exhibitor considers whether to participate in the exhibition, the first thing to consider is what to get from the exhibition, what is the purpose of participating in the exhibition, which is the first premise to carry out the exhibition activities.

Different exhibitors have different exhibition purposes, some to maintain the strength image of the company, some to develop new business areas, some to develop potential customers and so on.

The determination of a starting goal can often give guidance the direction of the following work, greatly increase the success rate of exhibitors, and can get enough positive feedback.

Product selection

This is a point that many exhibitors are easy to ignore, except for the exhibitors who want to promote their products with the help of the exhibition, many exhibitors are easy to put a lot of energy into business marketing, not to say that business marketing is a waste of time, but many exhibitors put the wrong focus. If it is other places to participate in the exhibition or even go abroad to participate in the exhibition, the effect of many business marketing is difficult to achieve the desired effect, which will cause a waste of time and energy and lead to the failure to present a perfect exhibition effect.

Its own products can be said to be the “name card” of a company. They tend to increase the company recognition of the corresponding exhibitors, so that the audience can associate with the company through the product, so that potential customers are created.

Of course, the role of the product is not only reflected in itself, but also the product demonstration as a marketing means, as a demonstration product, also need to make a good choice, according to different demonstration methods to choose different products, so as to maximize the impression of the audience.

Selection of trade display booths

The choice of trade exhibition booth is a topic that we often discuss. As the main cost of the whole exhibition link, its choice needs to be determined in advance, not only the type of trade exhibition booth, but also to determine whether to rent or purchase the trade exhibition booth.

If, for small and medium-sized enterprises, the cost of purchasing and building the booth is often higher than their expectations, then it is difficult for them to weigh the pros and cons of participating in the exhibition when measuring the return on investment.

Therefore, renting local trade display booths and buying trade display booths without tools are deeply loved by small and medium-sized enterprises. Choosing these two methods not only reduces the cost of labor construction, but also increases the probability of successful return on investment.

Rental local trade display booths have different styles and prices in different areas, and exhibitors can rent them according to their own needs. Trade display booth system without tool installation, I recommend Wegodisplays, is a trade display booth supplier from China with many years of experience in the exhibition.

Their main focus is the tool-free modular trade display booth system, to bring customers a good exhibition experience. Now the main system is E-frame system, Luban system, SEG related system. Luban system is often designed for 3×3 (10x10ft), 3x6m (10x20ft) booth size, modular characteristics can construct multiple shapes, and at the same time can be quickly installed without tools, so it is loved by the exhibitors of small and medium-sized booths.

Custom trade show booth
inline exhibits
Reusable transformable booth
backlit trade show booth

Rich exhibition experience

In addition to the exhibitors who will participate in the exhibition for the first time, the enterprises who have participated for many times or for many years understand that accumulating the exhibition experience can reduce a lot of trouble and have measures to deal with emergencies.

Planning and design of the on-site booth

The planning of the on-site booth is often controlled by the project leader, who is responsible for the docking of the exhibition hall, the special requirements of the site facilities, the communication of adjacent booths, etc. On-site planning often determines whether their own trade exhibition booth can be carried out normally, so the relevant responsible person needs to have certain experience and full professional ability.

For the design of trade exhibition booth, the whole team needs to complete, not only the designer design, need someone to collect data, the popularity of trade display booth in recent years; someone needs to inform the design requirements, different venues will be different; the overall theme color design, need team cooperation.

Therefore, the presentation of a good trade display booth is often not the credit of one person, but the embodiment of the whole team cooperation.

Professional marketing and business team

After having a good trade display booth foundation, a professional marketing business team is essential. A good marketing business team from the beginning to the end of the exhibition has their own division of labor, pre-exhibition marketing, business negotiation in the exhibition, personnel contact, data summary after the exhibition, etc. Good cooperation can relieve a lot of pressure for the site staff.

In this way, the investment of the exhibition can be visible, and the future return is expected, and more enterprises will know that participating in the exhibition has its special role.

The influence of its own enterprise

In fact, the influence of their own enterprise is also an important factor for enterprises to measure whether to participate in the exhibition.

Enterprises with high visibility and great influence need to pass through to publicize and show their own strength, and the exhibition is an important way to prove that the relevant enterprises are still active.

Enterprises with general influence also need to expand and expand their reputation, and the improvement of popularity and influence is visible when exhibiting and releasing new products and ideas in exhibitions.

In general, the exhibition is an important way for the enterprises to enhance their popularity and expand their influence, which can bring long-term benefits to the enterprises. Therefore, it is very necessary for the enterprises in this respect to participate in the exhibition.


In general, it is necessary to participate in the exhibition more based on the comprehensive consideration of enterprises. My personal view is that the participation in the exhibition, for enterprises, has more advantages than disadvantages. As for the cost of the exhibition, in addition to the necessary expenditure, other expenditure can be appropriately saved.

The exhibition is more of a way to pave the way, paving the way for the future of the company, more or less affect the development of enterprises in many aspects, a good exhibition experience, will let the enterprises understand the importance of offline exhibition.


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