Large Modular Exhibition Systems: Creating Impressive Displays


In the world of large-scale exhibitions, the use of professional exhibition construction teams is crucial to ensure the successful installation of trade show booths. This blog explores two commonly used systems in the industry: the Column System and the EM Framework System. Each system has its own advantages and considerations, and their combination can yield remarkable results.

Column System: Strength and Flexibility

The Column System is based on a beam and column structure, with square columns typically measuring 8x8cm or larger. These columns are connected using locking mechanisms, ensuring high structural strength. The system can utilize various materials for the facing, such as panels or heat transfer fabrics.

Column System booth
  1. Advantages: The Column System offers compact packaging, flexible assembly, and the ability to create large-span structures. The choice of facing materials is diverse.
  2. Disadvantages: The exposed aluminum profiles may affect aesthetics, and damage to the profiles can impact the appearance of the booth. Additionally, the length of the profiles is not standardized, and their limited reusability is a drawback.

EM Framework System: Simplicity and Aesthetics

The EM Framework System adopts a frame structure, abandoning the beam and column approach. It uses frame units connected by hand-twist connectors, forming large sections of framework. These sections are then covered with panels or heat transfer fabrics, creating expansive walls. As a result, the EM Framework System can be considered a panel wall system.

  1. Advantages: The system minimizes the visibility of profiles, resulting in visually pleasing walls. Assembly is faster and simpler, and the standardized frame dimensions allow for extensive reuse.
  2. Disadvantages: The lighting options for wall systems are limited, and it cannot accommodate large-span structures.

Combining the Systems for Enhanced Results

By combining the strengths of both systems, one can achieve optimal results. The Column System’s strength and versatility can be complemented by the aesthetic appeal and simplicity of the EM Framework System. This hybrid approach allows for creative flexibility, ensuring impressive displays.


Large modular exhibition systems, such as the Column System and EM Framework System, play a vital role in creating visually stunning booths. Choosing the right system depends on the specific requirements of the exhibition, considering factors such as structural strength, aesthetic appeal, and ease of assembly. By utilizing a combination of these systems, exhibitors can maximize the impact of their displays, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.


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