Lightweight and portable display system


Nowadays, the light display system of aluminum is deeply loved by the majority of exhibitors by virtue of its own advantages, and it is constantly used in their own booths. So Wegodisplays, which focuses on making aluminum modular booths, also has its own lightweight display system. Here’s two portable display systems, Qseg and SEG.

Qseg system

The Qseg system is a lightweight and portable display system developed based on the concept of the Luban system. It and Luban system, each has its advantages and disadvantages, so let`s we introudce the Qseg system

Toolless installation

The installation method adopts the same concept as the Luban system. The plug design is used, which saves a lot of installation time. At the same time, smooth material grinding and plastic corner wrapping greatly reduce the possibility of injury during installation.

Seamless graphics

In order to show a better visual effect, we reduce the design of replaceable cab gap, more use a picture to cover the front and side, at the same time, if customers have different picture design separate installation requirements, it can also support, and reduce the exposed aluminum part.

Silicone-Edged Graphics

The extended hot transfer printing fabric is sewn with silicone edge, which can make the whole appearance picture more flat and stable after installation. This design provides a good material basis for the subsequent picture replacement. Qseg system is also a reusable display system, which can save costs for exhibitors.

Light weight and portable
qseg assembly
qseg carry bag
  • light weight

Lightweight is mainly reflected in the selection of aluminum material and product design. At the beginning of the product design, the Qseg system weighs less than half of the Luban system. As for the product design, at the beginning of the design, the purpose of the design reduces the width and reduces the height requirement of the standard parts to 240cm, if needed.

  • portable

In order to package and transport the Qseg system, we specially designed its special handbag, yes, using the handbag, because the Qseg system is relatively light and does not use the tug bag, which effectively reduces the volume of packaging and reduces the transportation cost.

Products show

SEG popup system

This is a rack pop-up system, its design determines that it can complete the construction of a booth faster, and also ensure the strength. It is also a lightweight and convenient display system, which is loved by customers.

Toolless installation

SEG popup The system is also tool-free installation, but it is different is that its main structure is more folded, is a network frame structure, the frame part is the same plug design.

The picture is installed without wrinkles

Because the hot transfer fabric sewn by silica gel is used as the material of the picture, different from the previous way of adhesive installation, the connection of the cabb seam is more complete. Not only the front, but also the picture in the four directions support the same installation method, which can better show the effect of the picture.

Support backlit system

SEG popup The main feature of the system is that it has its own supporting backlight system, which can meet the different needs of different exhibitors for their own booths. But it is important to note that the SEG popup system is side light source, not the previous backlight, the reason for the design is to reduce the customer purchase cost, also can enjoy the same backlight system experience, and side light source system is more suitable for SEG pop system framework design, can be better light filling in the whole frame.


This SEG popup system is a tug package, because it is relatively heavy compared to the Qseg system, so we use the tug package so that customers can save more effort when carrying, a package can be taken away.


The two lightweight portable systems have a wide range of application scenarios, but they also have their own limitations. At the present stage, they are more roles as supporting roles in the trade show booth, with the main content. However, we believe that it has its own market, especially the Qseg system, which is a good booth system for the exhibitors in the careful booth, which can greatly reduce the cost.


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