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In order to enrich the content of the blog, I think the corresponding articles on the analysis of the case and the analysis of the customer cases can make you more intuitively feel the whole process of purchasing trade show booth.

In this issue, Jetwave Group., from Australia is a company that has manufactured cleaning equipment since 1992. They continue to produce innovative and excellent products, and will regularly participate in international trade shows, which is an important secret of their continuous development and expansion for a long time.

Requirements and design philosophy

The basic requirement is to design a trade exhibition booth in a 5x7m booth, with a storage space and a certain display space, but also with a ceiling design and some rich booth accessories.

The customer’s own concept is to add a 7m background wall and a 5m side wall to leave enough display space for the central area, and at the same time, add a TV barcket to the wall to strengthen the display effect.

trade show booth design

We believe that the central area is a little empty. After discussion, we decided to add some Luban modules to the central area, so as to enrich the booth elements and have more ways to display products.

Finally, the overall booth effect style was set

It has a 5x7m background wall and carries a storage room, and the overall height is 3m high. In the central area, the design of ceiling and ceiling light is added, and the supporting part of the ceiling is the module frame suitable for placing the shelf, which not only plays a role of supporting the ceiling, but also for product display.

The whole process is a tool-free installation, simple and fast module assembly, and the corresponding position of the connection is connected with the appropriate connector. For the ceiling support place, we specially customized a connector to maintain the rationality and stability of the overall structure.


Graphic and picture design of the fabric

If the frame of the trade show booth is the skeleton of the whole booth, then the graphics of the trade show booth is the face of the whole exhibition.

The graphic picture is designed by the customers themselves, we conduct production, printing, inspection and a series of processes. Of course, at the beginning of the design, we will provide customers with the corresponding template documents and answer questions.

Installation effect and finished product display

When the production quality inspection process is completed, we will have relevant business personnel to pre-build the booth. This purpose is to make customers feel the effect of the products more intuitively, and to find and eliminate some problems in the construction process, and conduct a secondary inspection to ensure that the products delivered to customers are qualified trade display booths.

trade show booth
trade show booth
trade show booth


Our aim is to provide the best product and service experience.

According to the different needs of customers, give the corresponding design is given, and repeatedly inspection in multiple links to ensure that the error rate is 0, so that customers can enjoy the easy and convenient purchase process.


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