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Rematter always said: ”We exist to provide scrap metal recyclers with tools that unlock substantial increases in productivity. Together with our team and customers, we are building the future of scrap recycling.”

This issue, Rematter. is a modern recycling software company. They continue to produce innovation and excellent products, and will regularly participate in international trade shows, constantly expand their business scope and audience area, which is one of the secrets of their success.

He found our Wegodisplays and customized a modular trade show booth according to his own needs. Next, he would introduce the relevant situation of the booth.

Requirements and design philosophy

At the beginning, the needs given by the other party are very clear, and we are also very happy that the customer can give clear requirements, because this can effectively communicate and complete information interaction.

At the beginning, the customer gave the following requirements as follows:

– 1x back wall (10×20) w/mounted light overhangs

– 1x rectangular podium

– 2x pop up station with shelf and ability to mount a small monitor

The following figure is the design schematic diagram

trade show booth design

We can see from the picture that the design requirements of customers are not very difficult, but more is the reception desk and TV display, which is also in line with the customer’s enterprise attributes. Of course, a software company does not need to hang too much boards or shelves to place products.

In the subsequent conversation, considering the characteristics of our modular aluminum structure and customer requirements, we continue to carry out booth design and scene application

first draft

First Draft

In the front of the operation station, we use two reception tables and a unit basic frame of luban, and customized special connectors to fix it. At the same time, the two side walls connected with the background are installed with two shelves. However, in the subsequent removal, this is the enterprise attribute I mentioned before. When enterprises select and design their own trade show booths, they should design from their own field and industry and combine with the actual situation.

The customer is generally satisfied with the 3×6 booth, especially the design of the front operation station is very in line with the customer needs, but the necessity of the side wall is finally removed after the customer’s careful consideration. The final draft is shown in the figure below.

Final Draft

From the figure above, we can see the difference. After subtracting the side wall, a two-meter reception desk is added. The purpose is to strengthen the bearing of the whole background wall and make the structure is more stable. The two-meter TV can be hung on the left, and the background wall will not shake.

Installation process and finished product display

When everything is ready, we arrange the production and take the goods. After passing the quality inspection, we will carry out pre-construction every time, so that customers can see the actual effect of the product faster. At the same time, for this kind of customized booth, the pre-construction can let us eliminate some problems in the actual situation, such as picture integrity, the stability of the frame structure, etc., which is actually a second quality inspection link for customers.

Installation process

We filmed the whole construction process, and showed you the advantages of the modular trade exhibition booth through editing. Next, let’s enjoy the construction process.

Finished product display
10x20 trade show booth
2m counter
10x20 trade show booth


We always remember that our purpose is to provide the best product and service experience.

In fact, from this booth design, we also learned the new booth layout and more modular applications. In the continuous project development and process, our experience has been accumulating, innovation, optimize the service.


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