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Axis Lighting Is a Canadian LED lighting manufacturer at the forefront of technology and design. Being owned and operated by the family since 1991 and has become an important source of lighting for buildings in North America. The company owns a complete manufacturing plant with field design, engineering and marketing staff.

Recently, Axis has the need to participate in the exhibition, looking for trade show booth suppliers, Axis chose our Luban system, for which we feel very honored and happy. Axis’s choice is not only the recognition of our products, but also the recognition of the strength of our company.

As an LED lighting manufacturer, Axis also needs different booth requirements. Let’s follow the needs of customers to experience the whole process.

Customer design requirements

First of all, the purpose of Axis is mainly for its own innovation and flagship product display, and the booth space needed does not need to be particularly large, so the initial target size is 10x10ft booth space.

Secondly, because Axis is an LED lighting manufacturer, the products displayed are lamps. In order to better display the effect of products, a dark internal space is needed to foil the lighting effect. The fixtures of hanging lighting need a certain support strength to hang a certain number of lamps.

Finally, in the 10x10ft space, there is also a simple reception area, so that the visitors can have a rest again. Beyond that, Axis wants trade display booths to convert between 2.5m and 3m lengths.

In conclusion, the basic needs of customers are as follows:

  • 10x10ft square space, 2.4m high trade display booth size
  • Trade exhibition booths are designed to have a dark space
  • Leave room for customer reception
  • A modular trade display booth

Custom project

Based on these three needs of customers, we adopted the Luban system to do the basic framework design of the trade display booth. And we have customized some special framework components based on the Luban system.

First of all, we adopted the design of an arch and background wall combination, and only the front opening is retained for product display. The width of the side is 1.5m custom horizontal bar, leaving half of the space in the front for reception. At the same time, the ceiling is designed to use the basic combination of the unit frame and the extension bar to achieve the conversion between 2.5m and 3m.

Secondly, considering that the ceiling needs to hang lighting and load-bearing requirements, we have customized a special iron door head, which can hang the acrylic logo of Axis, and can also play the role of strengthening the stability of the connection structure.

Considering the need to hang lighting, we cancelled the use of horizontal files in the basic unit of the ceiling, and added five custom support hanging boards. On the boards, we added custom metal components, so that the boards can be placed above the basic unit frame of the ceiling, and can slide the boards left and right.

Finally, it should be noted that the 2.5m ceiling installation method and the 3m ceiling installation method are different. The installation of 2.5m and the connection between the ceiling and the background require our double external connector to be fixed to maintain the integrity of the whole booth. For the 3m booth installation, the ceiling unit is not required to be connected to the background wall.

Grphics design

As for the design of the picture, after two drafts of selection, we finally decided to adopt two-sided pictures, the exterior adopts black light blocking cloth, and the interior picture adopts bright company elements design.

The double-sided picture design can effectively prevent the leakage of the light source. After the assembly of the internal lighting, the internal picture can be well displayed.

Product show


This customized design of Luban is also our first contact and application. The application of the ceiling was very few for luban profiles before. In addition, innovation comes from demand, and customer needs have opened up to us with more applications of luban system.

In general, this is a very perfect cooperation, both buyers and sellers have a good process experience, also thanks to Axis trust to choose us, we will continue to move forward on the road of innovation and service, to provide first-class modular aluminum booth for our customers.


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