Practical partners at the exhibition: the application of lighting


In the simple architectural form, lighting is often a common and used means of filling and rendering the building, which can transform an ordinary space into a different sensory space. Each different light has different uses, whether in the warm soft light of small parties, or the colorful light show of rock punk music parties, different lights can reflect their value.

In the trade show, the decoration of the trade show booth, using the combination of light and shadow application of lighting, can let the exhibitors feel a variety of atmosphere, rather than the unchanging standard booth. Of course, lighting has its own unique value in the application field of trade show.

trade show light

The creation of atmosphere

The most basic role of lighting is to create the atmosphere environment needed by the manufacturer, referring to color psychology and good atmosphere environment, which will greatly wake up and drive the emotions of the audience. Different application of lighting colors, so that exhibitors layout, can have a variety of design schemes, whether to highlight the product, or to emphasize the strength of the company, can have a good application scenario.

Eye attraction

The effect of lighting can also play a role of focusing the eyes of the audience on an area, which can be a product, the company’s logo, or the details of the company. Using the focus effect of lighting, we can design multiple trade exhibition booths to increase the curiosity of the exhibitors, and ensure that people can browse the whole trade exhibition booths to obtain more information about enterprises.

As long as the exhibitors will be attracted by your booth, then the effect of your lighting application has been achieved, the crowd effect will continue to increase, so that you can get more exhibitors consultation and potential customer acquisition.

Special artistic effects

With the development of technology, the form of lighting can be programmed to display different ways, whether it is wave, or scattering and other effects can be achieved. However, in the trade exhibition booth, we may not need those fancy design effects, but with the framework of the trade exhibition booth, we can make the whole trade exhibition booth more three-dimensional and full.

The cover-up of the booth defects

Exhibitors in the exhibition, for their exhibition supplies, more or less will be some scratch caused by damage, etc., especially for like to use reusable aluminum modular trade show booth, knock off paint is often encounter, so this time using the design of light and shadow, can use the exhibition supplies block slightly flawed parts, hide their trade exhibition booth defects.

In addition, the portable mobile type of lightbox can be combined with the trade show booth, changing the original composition of the trade display booth components, adding more construction options, to complement a lot of missing conditions in the actual design.


The application of lighting can not only be seen everywhere in our daily life, but also has more professional application fields. However, no matter which field, for the role and cognition of lighting, the creation of atmosphere and colorful form, will attract the attention of customers. The application of lighting, different application scenarios are like a different plot and story atmosphere, a perfect trade show booth, often is to achieve the heart style through the rendering of lighting.


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