Some suggestions for trade show booth design


Many exhibitors will often face some confusion about the design of trade show booth when participating in various exhibitions. Here are some of my personal suggestions for the design of trade show booth.

Simple and not complicated

For the audience participating in the exhibition, it is easier to accept the intuitive experience at the first glance, and it is even more so for some customers with strong purpose and more anxious. Without obtaining clear information in an instant, the audience will not be interested. At the same time, the simple and not complicated booth can improve the work efficiency of the exhibition staff.

In addition, the selection of exhibits must be representative of their own enterprises, which is the simplest and simplest way to attract customers, and some decorations unrelated to the content of the exhibition should be reduced.

The layout is harmonious and easy to understand

The trade exhibition booth is composed of multiple parts, including lighting, pictures, banners, colors, exhibits, exhibition equipment, etc. A good design is to combine these necessary elements, and the overall visual effect is harmonious, and the layout is comfortable and natural. In this way, the audience’s viewing experience will be satisfied, thus attracting more potential customers.

The theme is clear

The theme of a trade exhibition booth is often bound to the purpose and relevant basis of the exhibitors, which usually is about corporate culture and new series of products.

After the theme is clear, how to create an exhibition atmosphere in line with the theme is the most important, which needs to work together in various aspects, such as color design arrangement, advertising design layout, the overall booth arrangement, etc. A clear theme can often make a booth stand out in the exhibition.

There should be a focus center

Focusing on the center is the main means to attract potential customers and other people. To create an atmosphere of focusing on the center should be effective without losing the theme.

Usually, it should be combined with the demonstration of the main product and the interaction of the audience, so that the audience can feel the company culture and the specific use method of products more closely.

Such a practice can not only increase the sense of identity of the audience, but also drive the flow of the crowd around, trigger people’s curiosity about the product, easy to facilitate transactions.

Don’t follow the general trend

Exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, avoid is and other exhibitors too much, although not in advance other exhibitors will do what kind of design and what kind of theme, but the exhibitors should be reference market design trend and related industries of booth preferences, comprehensive consideration to design the booth layout, so as to attract more customers through the booth.

Consider crowd traffic

The above points are some operations we actively do in the booth for the flow of people, which is to consider how to passively receive more flow of people.

Yes, it is to choose a better trade booth location, an excellent trade booth location, on the basis of the previous series of operations, is the icing on the cake effect, can maximize the audience to catch more attention and attract potential customers.

This can greatly increase the visibility of the exhibitors and enhance their own influence.


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