The difference between wood booth and aluminum booth


In today’s extensive use of trade exhibition booths, wood and aluminum booths occupy the main market, but they are also different, and have their own advantages and disadvantages in different fields. Now I’ll analyze some of the differences between the two.

Wooden booth

The wooden booth has a long history, and in the long period of time process has also confirmed its unique historical status and cultural heritage, even compared with the new generation of aluminum booth can also reflect many advantages.


    • Natural and beautiful

In the United States, many companies focus on brand image and environmental friendliness. The wooden structure booth can present a natural and warm feeling, attract the attention of the audience, and fit with the natural theme exhibition or brand image, so as to promote the transaction.

    • Quality improvement

Wood materials will bring people a kind of high quality, high-grade impression, help exhibitors to enhance their professional image and expand their influence in the industry, so that customers can enjoy a more high-end and comfortable atmosphere.

    • Environmental and sustainable

In the United States, the awareness of environmental protection is gradually deepening. The design of wooden structure trade display booth can increase the audience’s expectation and identity of environmental protection. At the same time, it can also enhance the opportunity for related enterprises to show a sense of responsibility in the society, so that more people can see and identify.

    • Customizable

The trade exhibition booth of wooden structure can not only make all kinds of customization in the components, but also carry out customized services in details and decoration, so as to improve the overall quality and show the unique brand image and characteristic culture.


    • The price of the product is high

The high price of products in the wood trade exhibition booth is not only reflected in the original wood materials, but also reflected in the production cost. If there are special customization needs or special needs for processing, the cost will continue to increase, which brings a lot of cost pressure to the small and medium-sized exhibitors.

    • High transportation costs

The wood material determines that the weight is not too light, which is one of the reasons for the high freight cost, and another major reason is the packaging protection during transportation. Especially for the long-distance exhibition, the packaging protection of the trade exhibition booth itself can not be ignored.

    • High storage conditions

Compared with metal components, the wooden structure is more likely to be damp, so it needs a cool and dry environment. Not only that, the wooden structure is relatively easy to damage, which is easy to cause unsightly phenomenon, so the related components of the wooden structure also need specific storage conditions.

    • Construction costs are high

Generally speaking, the construction cost of wooden structure is higher than that of the trade display booth of aluminum structure, both the money cost and the time cost, need a lot of labor to complete.

Aluminum booth

The aluminum booth history dates back to the early 20th century. Aluminum is a light, corrosion-resistant metal, with excellent workability and strength, so it is quickly used in exhibitions. Today, the aluminum booth has become one of the mainstream of the exhibition market. They have the advantages of light, durable, easy to build, and are suitable for all sizes and types of exhibitions.


    • Light and easy to carry

The material of the aluminum booth is basically aluminum alloy, which not only ensures the weight reduction, but also meets the stable strength of the components required by the exhibition, so it reduces a lot of transportation costs, especially for the exhibitors of small and medium-sized booths, they are fully capable of bringing the trade exhibition booth.

    • Building block design

Modular design is one of the highlights of the aluminum booth, which can make the construction and subsequent adjustment more flexible and convenient, and reduce the time of gradual construction. At the same time, in the booth design, there can be more inspiration and composition, according to the booth space needs of exhibitors, can carry out the corresponding customized services

    • Strong durability

Aluminum has excellent corrosion resistance and wear resistance, is not easy to be affected by environmental factors, so the aluminum booth has a long service life, can be reused for many times, reduce the cost of the exhibition.

    • Low maintenance costs

The storage conditions of aluminum are not harsh, and can be stored in the corresponding packaging. At the same time, the cleaning and maintenance of aluminum is more convenient. Only simple cleaning and maintenance can keep the overall booth clean and beautiful.

    • Support for no-tool building and installation

With the continuous development of aluminum trade exhibition booth, many more cost-saving ways appear, and tool-free installation is another highlight of aluminum trade exhibition booth.

The Wegodisplays, from China, is a tool-free aluminum trade display booth, saving greatly on labor costs and some pavilion surcharges. Wegodisplays Luban system is loved by the public and has three characteristics: modular, no tool installation and reusable system.


    • Lack of a customized design

The cutting and assembly of aluminum is more standard production, coupled with modular assembly, can support customized design space is greatly smaller, special requirements of customization and processing, basically few suppliers can do. For some exhibitors who want to express their products and corporate culture, the use of aluminum trade exhibition booth is easy to limit their display ability to make the exhibition process become very unpleasant.

    • Early investment is higher

The early investment of aluminum booth is high, mainly reflected in the special customized services and aluminum processing. For some small and medium-sized enterprises, the option of customized services should be carefully considered, because this may greatly bring the burden of increasing exhibition costs. But it is worth mentioning that the quality of the aluminum trade exhibition booth can often be reused at least ten times, which is a unique attribute that the wood trade exhibition booth can not do.

    • Limit creative design

The design of aluminum booth is limited by materials and manufacturing process. Compared with other material booths, such as wood or plastic booths, exhibitors may have less creative space in the design. This may lead to a high similarity of the booth design, making it difficult to stand out in the exhibition.


In the selection of trade show booth, wooden booth and aluminum booth each have advantages and disadvantages, which need to be weighed according to the needs of enterprises, budget and display effect.

Due to its advantages of natural beauty, environmental protection and customization, the wooden booth has unique advantages in displaying brand image and cultural characteristics. However, its high product price, transportation costs and storage conditions requirements, as well as the high cost of construction shortcomings can not be ignored. In contrast, the aluminum booth is favored by many enterprises for its lightweight, portable, modular design, strong durability and low maintenance cost. However, the disadvantages of the aluminum booth are the lack of customized design, high initial investment, and restrictions on creative design, which may limit the display ability of enterprises in the exhibition.

Therefore, when making a choice, enterprises should fully consider their own needs, and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the two types of booths. If enterprises focus on displaying the brand image, pursue environmental protection and sustainable development, and have sufficient budget and storage conditions, then the wooden booth may be an ideal choice. For companies that are portable, cost-effective and flexible, aluminum booths may be more in line with their needs. In the end, whether choosing wood booth or aluminum booth, the key is to show the ability to show the corporate image and attract target customers, as well as maximize the maximum effect of the exhibition.


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