The role of AI in exhibition marketing


The rise of artificial intelligence has impacted all walks of life. Such a massive change of the existing industry state can not help me to spend more energy to understand it, learn from it, and as time goes by, I also have a basic understanding.

In my opinion, the reason why AI impacts most industries is that artificial intelligence has the function of big data analysis and coordination, which can efficiently make workers quickly achieve the purpose of work. As far as I know, AI has and will continue to capture the network as content. When you ask questions, it will extract relevant information and feed it back to you according to the questions and the way you ask questions. It won’t give you anything new —— it doesn’t think it’s just responding. But it has millions of data points, articles, expert analysts, etc. available to extract, so it provides you with as much information as you want.

At the present stage, artificial intelligence cannot complete the very detailed and subjectively oriented content, therefore, the artificial preparation of special instructions needs to be very detailed, so that artificial intelligence can understand the content of the instructions. Knowing these characteristics of AI, I am thinking about what convenience can the development of AI bring to our work? 

Yes, the main part is marketing. For the process of exhibitors participating in the exhibition, AI plays a great role in pre-exhibition marketing, whether it is product preferences, the trend of trade show booth, the popularity of the exhibition and so on.

Big data analysis and coordination function

Positioning target audience

Through the big data analysis of artificial intelligence, exhibitors can more accurately understand the characteristics of the market and the needs of potential customers, so as to accurately locate the target audience. AI can analyze a large amount of customer data, including location, age, gender, hobbies, etc., to help exhibitors find the people most likely to be interested in their products or services. The positioning and differentiation of the crowd portrait is a very important function for the exhibitors, and the precise marketing of customers is the key to the transaction cooperation.

Precise marketing strategy development

Based on the in-depth understanding of the target audience, exhibitors can use artificial intelligence to develop accurate marketing strategies. AI can analyze the behavior patterns and preferences of different customer groups, and provide customized marketing solutions for exhibitors, including personalized promotion content, targeted advertising, etc., so as to improve the marketing efficiency and conversion rate.

types of customers

Intelligent and personalized display

Adjust the display content and layout in real time

With the help of artificial intelligence technology, exhibitors can monitor visitors’ behavior and feedback in real time, and adjust the display content and layout according to their actual interests and preferences. For example, when AI analyzes a part of the exhibits that attract the attention of a large number of visitors, it can automatically adjust the booth layout, increase the display area of the part or give priority to display relevant information, so as to enhance the attractiveness and effect of the booth.

Personalized display experience

AI technology can also provide a customized display experience according to the personalized needs of visitors. For example, through facial recognition technology, the booth can automatically identify the age, gender and mood of the visitors, recommend the products or services that most meet their needs, provide personalized display content and experience, and enhance the visitors’ sense of participation and satisfaction.

Intelligent interaction and communication

Intelligent question and answer system

At the exhibition site, AI technology can interact and communicate with visitors in real time through the intelligent question and answer system. Visitors can ask questions through voice or text input, and the AI system can intelligently analyze and give relevant answers to solve the questions of visitors, which can not help reducing labor costs and provide a more personalized and efficient service experience.

Virtual guide tour and explanation

Using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, exhibitors can develop virtual guide tour and explanation systems to provide visitors with an immersive exhibition experience. Visitors can interact with the virtual guides through mobile phones or AR glasses to learn the detailed information of the exhibits and the stories behind them, which can increase the freshness and curiosity of potential customers, and improve the depth and richness of the visiting experience.

Improve the user experience and marketing effect

Enhance the brand image and the memory degree

Through intelligent and personalized display experience and good exhibition experience, potential customers will strengthen the brand image and memory of exhibitors, so that it is easier for visitors to remember and pay attention to the brand information of exhibitors, and enhance

The brand exposure and awareness.

Achieving higher conversion rates and a ROI

Through intelligent marketing strategies and interactive experience, exhibitors can enhance the participation and interest of visitors, so as to achieve higher conversion rate and return on investment (ROI), and promote the conversion and transaction of potential customers.

ROI increase


The rise of artificial intelligence has brought about changes to various industries, especially in the functions of big data analysis and coordination, providing workers with efficient means of work. In general, the application of artificial intelligence has considerable advantages in the field of marketing, whether it is copywriting, pictures, or video, high quality and high speed of content output, so that marketers have enough content reserves. The role of artificial intelligence in exhibition marketing provides useful guidance.


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