The Ultimate Guide To Trade Show Booth

After the cold winter of the epidemic, in order to better establish contact with business partners and conduct business, trade shows were gradually developed around the world. But preparing trade shows could be a long and complex project. Depending on the exhibitor’s own business objectives, planning and budget, there will be multiple choices, such as a complete customized booth, a rental booth or a modular trade show booth.

So the key —— trade show booth in the trade exhibition, its selection, is very important for the exhibitors who participate in the first time and want to change the previous way.

So we face some questions: what kind of a display booth is a good one? How to get a good display booth? How to design and plan your own display booth? How to stand out from the trade shows through the display booths?

Next up is my ultimate guide to trade shows, which can help exhibitors solve the problem of booth construction.


  1. Clarify the goals and strategies of the exhibition
  2. Clarify your own exhibition budget
  3. Find the suitable trade display booth vendor
  4. Focus on the brand and display booth combination
  5. Good booth space and graphic design


Clarify the goals and strategies of the exhibition

Different exhibitors have different goals and strategies, but the general direction is basically the same, which can be divided into the following categories.

trade show booth meeting
  • Develop new markets and seek more partnerships
  • Expand the scope of communication and expand the potential business
  • Enhance their own brand influence
  • Sign the new deals directly on site

Exhibitors teams need to develop business with clear goals and strategies, so as to better attract potential quality customers.

Different goals and strategies determine the evaluation and calculation of the budget of the exhibitors. On the contrary, the budget often affects the finished product and effect of the booth.

Clarify your own exhibition budget

The exhibition budget of the exhibitors includes the budget of the whole event, so the proportion of the exhibition booth in the whole budget needs to be measured and clearly defined by the exhibitors themselves.

In addition to a range of fees for the trade show booth, including:

  • Surcharge for the exhibition organizer
  • The labor cost of the builder designated by the exhibition organizer
  • Exhibition parking fee
  • Etc

The person in charge of the exhibitor should keep a rational mind, control the cost, and put the limited funds into the return event, the return on investment is very important.

The selection of trade show booths cannot avoid dealing with the suppliers of display booths, and it is not easy to choose a supplier to be trusted for a long time.

Find the suitable trade display booth vendor

The competition in the trade exhibition booth industry is very fierce, both suppliers and builders, the exhibition exhibitors may spend a lot of time to communicate and evaluate, and finally choose the design. I’ve written about a ranking well-known suppliers,

If you have a headache about finding the right trade display booth provider, choose among them.

Clarify your own selection criteria

Each participating supplier should have a set of their own selection criteria, and the selection of trade display booth suppliers should be considered from these aspects.

  • The size of your own booth space
  • The highest budget for the trade exhibition booth
  • Rent display booths or buy custom display booths
  • Selection of types of trade show booths
  • Reusability of trade display booths
  • Additional services from trade display booth vendors

Selection of types of trade show booths

The types of trade display booths are often selected according to the size and shape of the stalls. There are several common types of display stalls.

  • Island Booths
  • Peninsula Booths
  • Corner Booths
  • Linear Booths or Inline Booths

Island Booths

Island booths have passages all around, making them open on all sides. With this setup, you have the advantage of facing customers from all four directions. Island booths are generally larger in size, often measuring at least 20×20 feet. However, it’s important to note that the cost for such booths tends to be higher. Consider selecting an island booth for your important shows where you want maximum visibility.


Peninsula Booths

Peninsula booths share a backwall with a neighboring booth and have three open sides. This means you will face customers from three directions. Similar to island booths, the cost for peninsula booths is generally higher. They are relatively large, typically measuring at least 10×20 feet. If you want good exposure and interaction from multiple angles, peninsula booths can be a suitable choice for your important shows.


Corner Booths

Corner booths have two neighboring booths sharing their back wall and one side wall. These booths have two open sides, allowing you to engage with customers from two directions. Compared to peninsula booths, corner booths usually have a lower cost. They are often the preferred choice for small businesses looking for an affordable option while still enjoying some exposure from multiple angles.


Linear Booths or Inline Booths

Linear booths, also known as inline booths, have three neighboring booths sharing their back wall and two side walls. They have only one open side, typically facing the front. Compared to corner booths, linear booths generally have a lower cost. They are commonly chosen by small businesses as a cost-effective option. Although they offer limited entrance points, they can still provide an opportunity to attract customers directly from the front.

Reusability of trade show booths

For the exhibitors who often participate in the exhibition, this is an important condition that can not be ignored, reusable, can save a lot of costs.

For example, the transportation cost when buying the display booth, the cost of buying the display booth again, the communication cost generated by the negotiation between the two sides, etc

Additional services from trade display booth vendors

Different trade display stall suppliers have different marketing strategies. In addition to the products originally sold, many suppliers also provide some convenience services.

Most of these convenient services catch the pain points of participating suppliers, such as suppliers near the exhibition will have freight reduction services; for exhibitors without design ability, the supplier team can also provide corresponding basic picture rendering for exhibitors to choose, etc.

In addition, the after-sales service terms also need to be paid attention to. Whether the trade booth supplier has a good after-sales guarantee is an important factor to determine the strength of a supplier.

In the fierce competitive environment, all kinds of special services emerge in an endless stream. Exhibitors should make clear their goals, distinguish the favorable service terms and product models, and take the right seats to select the best display booth.

Focus on the brand and display booth combination

Your trade show booth represents the image of your company. This is the cover of your business. If people find it attractive and consistent with your brand, they will certainly stop for more information. Follow these special event marketing tips to stand out at the trade show

  • There is a distinct company logo
  • Have a professional communication team
  • The company culture style and the display booth style are unified
  • Good venue display location

The company culture style and the display booth style are unified

This needs to be paid attention to in the exhibition. The unity of the two can not only show its uniqueness in many similar exhibition booths, but also reflect the corporate culture and strength, which can greatly increase the interest and trust of customers, so as to continuously develop into a cooperative relationship.

Good venue display location

Location conditions are the basis that determines the flow of customers. When your display booth is in an area with a large flow of people, more customers will naturally come to ask. Of course, this kind is a popular display area, corresponding to the relatively high booth cost, exhibitors need to choose the appropriate exhibition location according to their own situation.

When the size and location of the booth are determined, as well as the preliminary design concept, what we need to do is to find professional booth designers to design and determine the space of the booth and fit the graphics of the booth.

Good booth space and graphic design

Trade show booth space design

A good booth space design, can attract the attention of customers, catch the attention of customers, so we need to meet the following needs

  • Unique design concept
  • Suitable lighting atmosphere
  • Excellent overall display effect
  • Comfortable interior reception space
  • Etc

The unique design concept can stand out from the many standard stalls, which is the customers attending the exhibition, which is the first step to attract customers.

A good lighting atmosphere collocation can make the overall effect of the trade exhibition booth more rich and perfect, at the same time can also let the customers have a good communication experience.

A comfortable internal environment is the key to promote the transaction. If the display of the external environment is the first impression of the enterprise, then the reception and feeling of the internal environment is an attitude of the customer to feel the enterprise. A good internal space environment can often promote the conclusion of the transaction.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is used in various places of trade exhibition booths: background wall, ceiling, reception desk, light box and so on. The space design of the trade exhibition booth can be said to give customers a macro environment and atmosphere experience, so the graphic design is the micro content display of the enterprise.

To design the graphics well, the next steps need to keep in mind.

  • Determine your own design direction
  • Find professional graphic designers
  • Mature printing factory
  • Etc

At the beginning, the design direction is very important, which requires in-depth communication between exhibitors and designers. The design of graphics should not only conform to the corporate culture but also conform to the basic visual sense. Good color matching will not make customers feel visual fatigue.

The mature printing factory determines the finished product of the picture. The excellent printing factory will print a high precision and print the picture without color difference according to the electronic draft provided by the designer, which can present a perfect effect in the exhibition.

In conclusion

The preparation for the exhibition is a long process, but it is not easy for us to make the right choice in enough time. When we are familiar with and understand the process of participating in the trade exhibition, we will have more choices and will not feel confused. We will choose a suitable trade show booth and achieve the purpose and effect of participating in the exhibition.


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