What are the competitions in the exhibition market?


In the exhibition industry, there will be a lot of competition, competition often promotes the growth of the industry, will accelerate the pace of innovation, so today we will briefly introduce the competition that needs to pay attention to in the exhibition market industry.

The competition of the exhibition city

First is the location, the competition in the city hosting the exhibition. Often the cities held by the exhibition are closely related to related industries, and the city has a certain popularity and population.

Take the United States and Europe as an example, the cities with strong exhibition times and exhibitions are Las Vegas, Orlando, Chicago, New York, etc. These are well-known city names, and many well-known exhibitions are often located here.

Compared with the younger history of exhibitions in the United States, the exhibition in Europe has experienced the erosion of time, has sufficient experience and perfect urban selection and planning.

Some old cities in Europe are still active in the exhibition industry, such as Germany, Hanover, Dursdorf, Munich, Milan in Italy, France and many other cities. These cities have a full history of the exhibition, so they are more trusted by the exhibition organizers and loved by the exhibitors.

Now, in addition to the rich history of the exhibition, the popularity of the city and the coverage of the city and the exhibition are the first choice of the exhibition organizers, because the exhibition and the city is generally a mutually beneficial relationship.

The exhibition will continue to bring economic flow, which will make the city increase the investment in urban infrastructure, soft environment construction, brand exhibition cultivation and other aspects. The competition of exhibition cities is inevitable. After a long time of verification, a stable exhibition city pattern will gradually be formed.

Competition by exhibit companies

When the pattern of the exhibition industry in a country or a city tends to stabilize, it will bring about competition from all kinds of trade and exhibition companies. After all, in a country or a city, this “cake” is so large, and the order of admission often determines the profit level and brand influence of the exhibition companies.

Of course, competition is the good medicine to promote development. In the environment of survival of the fittest, the remaining exhibition companies are often enterprises with corresponding strength, and at the same time, they will be recognized by the exhibitors, thus bringing capital flow and innovative development of the industry, and constantly bringing fresh vitality to the exhibition companies and local cities.

Competition for exhibition projects

In fact, the competition of exhibition projects can also be said to be the exhibition competition between the same industry and the same theme, and this kind of competition is often the most intense.

The same industry, with the same theme, often brings many choice problems to the exhibitors and visitors, and the corresponding exhibition center will always give different drainage measures. In fact, a large number of exhibition resources will be fought for, which is not a very good phenomenon. However, I believe that most of the same exhibition projects in the future will be integrated, more professional and large-scale.

Competition for the exhibition staff

The competition for exhibition personnel has now become more and more a topic of concern to various exhibition companies. The modern exhibition industry not only focuses on the past exhibition experience, but also needs to introduce high-end intellectual talents or train local exhibition talents locally. In fact, no matter what kind of industry competition is, it can not escape the competition of talents, so the personnel recruitment and training plans of all kinds of companies need to be constantly improved and systematized, so as to improve the professional quality of the exhibition related personnel and promote the prospect and development of the exhibition industry.


Competition in the exhibition market is multi-faceted. There’s fierce competition among cities vying to become premier exhibition destinations, competing based on geographic location, infrastructure, and allure. Exhibition companies compete intensely for clients and projects, striving to stand out through innovation, service quality, and cost efficiency. Furthermore, there’s competition among exhibition projects themselves, where uniqueness, appeal, and content quality determine their position in the market. Lastly, there’s competition among exhibition personnel, competing for resources, opportunities, and professional expertise to advance their careers within the exhibition industry.


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