What is a Luban modular display system?


Luban system is the world’s first DIY display system. Luban display system provides a whole set of solutions for the exhibition, including picture, shelf, product display, reception desk, storage room, multimedia display, lighting and packaging, etc. There are also hungry, patented technology solutions that allow the installer to quickly build high-quality exhibitions without any tools.

Then let’s introduce the Luban system in detail from several aspects.

Features of the Luban system

As the aluminum alloy as the main material of the trade display system, its own attributes are relatively distinct, the following are the three main characteristics.

    • Modular

At the beginning of designing the Luban system, the concept of modularity was the first point of design, which became the most distinctive feature of the Luban system. It can form different trade display booth components through different tenon structures, and finally it can be connected through specific joints to form a complete booth.

    • Toolless

Installation without tool is also one of the characteristics of Luban system. Compared with the complicated and lengthy installation in the past, the installation without tool brings a good use experience to customers and reduces the labor cost, which can be said to be a choice to kill two birds with one stone for exhibitors.

    • Portable

Relative to the wooden booth and large steel components booth, aluminum alloy Luban system weight has larger advantages, at the same time, because the Luban system can be modular, scattered components can be complete into a box, also increased the trade show booth carry, if you have a pickup, bring booth can reduce the cost of transportation.

    • Reusable

For the past customized booth, the customized booth can express its own ideas and design more, but the reusable part will become very little, which will cause a lot of exhibition garbage every year, which not only wastes resources but also is not environmentally friendly. The Luban system will not have such a problem. It is modular and mortise and tenon structure design, making it reusable while adding more design possibilities. This reason is also the reason for a large number of customers to buy, can deal with the continuous participation in the exhibition.

Application scenarios of the Luban system

The characteristics of Luban system, although it has a very strong advantage in its specific fields, are not prominent enough in other fields. For example, for large booths above 20×20, Luban system gradually plays the role of the leading role in the booth. So let’s explore the main application scenarios of the Luban system.

    • Indoor small and medium-sized booth

Luban is mainly applicable to indoor scenarios, and the size range is below 20x20ft as the main scope of application. More suitable for the use of the trade exhibition.

    • Shopping mall activities

For the scene of shopping mall, the advantage of Luban system is that it can enhance the publicity effect of promoting products through different accessories, and give more exposure to merchants and products. At the same time, reuse is also the main reason for business procurement held in shopping mall activities.

The graphic template for the Luban system

Because the basic structural units of the Luban system are all standard conventional sizes, unless necessary, the customized structure is not added, this design makes the graphic design of the Luban system very easy, while reducing the error of graphic stitching errors. Exhibitors can design according to the graphic template we provided, which reduces the difficulty for exhibitors to design the graphic. The following picture is a graphic template of the basic unit of Luban system.


Installation instructions for the Luban system

Luban system has special design and installation instructions, our purpose is to let customers enjoy a better product use experience, the basic connection mode and the traditional booth design, we have the conventional installation instructions. For the customized Luban system around 20x20ft, we will provide the installation instructions of separate booths for each order, so as to reduce customers’ installation confusion and installation difficulty. The following figure is the installation diagram of a basic unit structure.


Products show

Finally, I will show you the practical effects of different sizes, so that you can more intuitively understand the characteristics and advantages of Luban system.



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