What should I pay attention to when participating in trade shows abroad?


For mature enterprises, it is necessary to explore new markets and meet new opportunities, so most exhibitors are not satisfied with the local development, and turn their goals to foreign countries.

So, what are the matters needing attention to participate in the trade show, what to do in the early stage, it is not a small challenge for the exhibitors to participate in the trade show for the first time.

Next, let’s take a look at some of the precautions for attending trade shows abroad.

travel plane

Arrange travel visas for the exhibition staff

This is the first premise to carry out foreign work business, since it is to carry out foreign work business, it is necessary for the company to arrange the visa visa in advance. The arrangement in advance is because the visa will not pass. If the core members have visa problems and can not leave the country, it will become a headache, and it will also delay the overall work arrangement.

At the same time, some other arrangements other than business, such as destination hotel, travel mode, food arrangement, etc., all need to have a special team leader, which can share the pressure for other personnel, can better focus on their own work, and carry out the corresponding work business.

Transportation of products and trade display booths

The transportation of products and trade exhibition booths is also one of the problems faced by the exhibitors going abroad, and the main problems are the high cost of transportation and the choice of transportation mode

Mode of transnational transportation

From the starting country to the destination country, the usual mode of transportation will often choose the transportation mode with short transportation time, such as express delivery, air transportation, etc., but the fast transportation mode will face high transportation costs, because the items on display are often large goods, and large weight brings high transportation costs.

If in the target state-owned branch or its own warehouse, you can adopt a relatively slow mode of transportation in advance transportation, such as sea transport, land transport, etc. This kind of method reduces the cost and also increases the transportation time, so the exhibitors need to arrange the transportation in advance to prevent the problem of insufficient time.

Consignment within the destination

In addition to express can directly to destination, whether other limitation of fast or aging slow mode of transportation, delivered to the destination countries can not represent directly delivered to the exhibition venues, tend to transport to the exhibition company, at the same time some participating companies in order to save costs or because the venues around the hotel full, which increases the distance of residence and venues, the distance also need to transport.

In foreign countries, it is recommended to contact a fixed truck driver, or choose to rent a truck to facilitate the transportation of products and trade display stalls. The two ways may be somewhat cost different, but these are the two most cost-effective ways.

Publicity materials after arriving at the destination

Overseas, it is equivalent to leaving their comfort zone and coming to a completely strange place. Whether the local exhibitors or the local exhibitors, they have very little understanding of the overseas exhibitors, unless their own enterprises are quite well-known global enterprises, of course, such companies are very few. So we need to do some active marketing measures to warm up our own exposure.

  • Online marketing

Online marketing is the most widely popular way. Exhibitors can publish announcements on their official website one month or two months in advance and set the top, roughly revealing the relevant exhibition content, such as the appearance of new products, the discount of related products, etc., leaving suspense. These measures will attract the attention of existing customers and new customers into the website, and potentially deepen the recognition of their influence and strength of their own enterprises.

In addition, I want to send greetings email to my partners to express the exhibition they will participate in and thank them for their support. Finally, I can invite them to watch their live broadcast offline or online, so as to bring customers to understand and enjoy the atmosphere of the exhibition.

  • Offline marketing

Offline marketing is usually carried out 2-3 days before the launch, because during this period, the exhibitors and visitors who come to the exhibition will gradually stay in the surrounding hotels, hotels.

The offline marketing that exhibitors need to do is to distribute leaflets around the hotel and on the main roads around the pavilion. This will attract customers who are interested in the companies involved. Of course, the content design of the leaflet needs to be well designed by the exhibitors, which is very important, which is related to the first impression of the enterprise.

These two ways are effective ways to improve the visibility of their own enterprises. Of course, it should be noted that when offline marketing, we should understand the control measures of relevant local departments in advance and whether to support this way of publicity.

Trade show booth building team selection

A serious problem is who is going to build a trade booth. Another factor that affects how to build a trade display booth is the overall size of the booth.

Most of the self-built trade display system, is suitable for small and medium-sized booth scenarios, the size is usually 10x10ft, 10x20ft customer groups, and there are many self-built system, exhibitors can have their own needs to buy in advance, here I recommend an online trade display booth supplier from China ——Wegodisplays

Wegodisplays Luban system is their main product, Luban system is characterized by modular and no tool installation, these two points greatly applicable to the needs of small and medium-sized booth exhibitors, at the same time the theme of aluminum alloy frame and black frosted paint appearance, whether in fact, guarantee enough strength and certain flexibility, no need to worry about the main structure of the bearing problem.

In addition, there are many corresponding accessories for exhibitors to choose the application. For example, the TV backplane, shelf, hanging board, lights and so on.

Local trade show booths to set up teams

Professional trade display building teams are often suitable for large trade display booths, usually in the size of 20x20ft and above. The construction of this kind of booth mostly requires a certain amount of personnel and corresponding equipment to present a good booth. The building team that chose the local trade show booth has two problems.

First of all, it may encounter the problem of limiting the access rules of the organizers. Some organizers cooperate with the corresponding construction companies, but can only participate in the construction of the cooperative construction company, and do not accept the external construction team. Therefore, when choosing to build a team, we should know the situation from the organizer in advance.

Second, in the case of the first condition allows, the local trade show booth building team is limited, after all, there can’t find redundant building team situation, so once you decided to find professional building team, should make an appointment in advance, in order to prevent no building team available or build team to reduce problems lead to increased costs.

The construction team cooperated with the exhibition organizer

Most of the exhibitors in the United States will encounter the same situation. When the organizer has relevant regulations, the exhibitors only have only two choices, one is to accept the cooperation of the organizer, the other is to purchase the self-built system without tools.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to choose the construction team cooperated by the exhibition organizer. The advantage is that you do not need to find the appropriate building team everywhere, so you can directly build the team; the disadvantage is the high labor cost but the work efficiency can not meet your own expectations, so there is a certain time risk.

Professional training for the business marketing team

The business marketing team of going abroad needs to have excellent professional knowledge and good foreign language ability. As English is the most widely used language, the relevant business personnel should have good English ability, and the core personnel should have fluent oral English skills.

In addition to the most basic language communication, the corresponding industry professional knowledge should be fully prepared. At the same time, targeted training on products, communication skills, pre-exhibition marketing, business development and other aspects should be conducted before each exhibition, so as to prevent and reduce the occurrence of mistakes on the spot. It is conducive to maintain the corporate image and reflect the relevant strength of the enterprise, and increase the audience’s convincing index to the enterprise.


From visa arrangement and logistics planning to promotion strategy and team preparation, it covers important aspects such as visa, transportation, preview marketing, booth building, team training and compliance with local regulations. Comprehensive consideration of these factors will ensure the success of the exhibition and promote the global market expansion. Careful handling of logistics, marketing, and team preparation can maximize exposure, promote effective network expansion, and enhance brand awareness on the international stage.


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