What should we do during the off-season?—— Booth supplier guide


Most industries will have their own peak season and off-season, this influence of the exhibition in the field of different industries, and often industry off-season and customer groups on holiday, for trade show booth equipment suppliers, how to work in this period, keep the original benefit even make a breakthrough, this is a topic worth discussion.

Content marketing

Social media marketing

In today’s environment of frequent network information intersection, social media marketing is the most extensive and basic marketing method, so we should have the most basic understanding of social media marketing and release content according to the rules of the platform. Next, let me list three commonly used social media marketing platforms.

social media


Facebook A social networking service, launched on February 4,2004. From September 2006 to September 2007, the site rose from 60th to 7th place in the United States. Meanwhile, Facebook is the no. 1 photo-sharing site in the United States, uploading 8.5 million photos a day.

It has enough development history and data background, and has a large customer base. For suppliers, Facebook is one of the most important channels to share information through product photos. High-quality pictures and copywriting, combined with Facebook’s broad customer groups, determine that the effect of content marketing will not be too bad as long as it meets the market positioning, and there will be good exposure and inquiries.

Make good use of this picture information interaction platform, there will be more channels to obtain customers.


YouTube Is a video website, early stage company located in San Bruno, California, USA. Registered on February 15,2005, founded by Chinese-Shijun Chen and others, allows users to download, watch and share videos or short films.

YouTube As a current online video service provider in the industry, YouTube’s system has to process tens of millions of video clips every day, providing high-level video upload, distribution, display and browsing services for thousands of users around the world.

This means that our video marketing has a source. The transmission of the video is to let the audience have a more detailed understanding of the rich product details and characteristics. In addition, the length of the video, shooting methods and different marketing content means will determine different audience groups.

For example, in the shorts block in YouTube, the field of short video requires that the theme of the video must be clear, to express what you want to express in a minute, to be eye-catching and easy to understand, so that the audience will be interested in clicking into your home page and subscribe to your channel.


LinkedIn Is a social platform for the workplace. Its attributes mean that it can have the opportunity to directly reach business bosses or executives. It can effectively pay attention to industry information, absorb people’s views, learn professional knowledge, improve professional skills, and share business insights. In the rapidly changing Internet era, grasping the market pulse and acquiring knowledge and insights are the basis for maintaining professional competitiveness, establishing and expanding the network network, mastering industry information, making the opportunity actively connect with users, and helping users develop their career potential.

In my opinion, LinkedIn’s social platform is more suitable for the marketing of blog articles, conveying the enterprise knowledge of the industry, expanding the product field, and letting more people know about the relevant industry products and promote the consumer economy.

Website blog updates


Website blog update and LinkedIn update has the same role, but in the independent station to update the blog, more focused on the construction of their own website.

When a website is finalized and launched, the subsequent updates are only the product and the blog. The update speed of the product is obviously not enough to keep up with the update speed of the blog, so why do we pay so much attention to the update of the blog?

Of course, it is because of increasing the weight of the website in Google search, which not only makes Google’s big data know that the independent station is in the active stage, but also an important means to optimize SEO through keyword placement

Private domain marketing


This marketing is more targeted, one is for the specific industry crowd, the other is whether the enterprise itself to classify customers.

This kind of customer groups are mostly people who have sent inquiries or placed orders, so the marketing of this kind of customers needs a lot of effort to carry out targeted marketing, which is a way of customer maintenance.

Doing a good job in private marketing can accurately grasp the customer demand and the market cycle dynamics, which is conducive to taking corresponding measures for the market environment to deal with the occurrence of various situations.

Customer maintenance


Above mentioned a little private marketing, private marketing is a way of customer maintenance, but customer maintenance is not just private marketing.

In my opinion, different maintenance means can be carried out according to the classification of customer groups. For example, potential customers, enquiry customers, transaction customers, etc., are classified according to their own needs, so as to maintain.

However, it is worth noting that maintenance and marketing are different, and maintenance focuses more on service rather than product recommendation. To discover the needs in the development of customers’ life.

For example, for a potential customer, in the stage of entrepreneurship, you can give him some experience and some guidance, so he will be grateful whether helpful or not. For enquiries customers, provide quality questions and quality pre-sale service. For single customers, it is more urgent to focus on after-sales service and customers’ exhibition trends, and help customers solve problems such as installation, component damage and replacement.

Good customer maintenance can increase the stickiness of customers and expand customer groups. The development of customer groups is fission. The return of maintaining every customer is not only the current customer.

Explore new customers

Finding new customers is a must in the off-season, so how to find new customers? My advice is to follow the following two aspects.

Deep ploughing potential customers and negotiate inquiry customers


In this respect, it is in order to develop the contacted customers into single customers. Compared with the customer groups reached for the first time, potential customers and inquiry customers are more receptive to enterprise search. After all, there have been contact, and the exclusivity is greatly reduced. In addition, these two types of customers are clear that there is a demand for suppliers’ products, but due to other circumstances, there is no order to complete, which needs to be constantly discussed in the process of order negotiation. This process of discussion is what suppliers need to do at this stage.

EDM marketing of new customers


Developing new customers is a mechanical and lengthy job. For developing new customers, EDM marketing is the most common way to reach new customers, but how to get customer contact information is a headache. But there are still some channels that can effectively access customer contact information.

  1. The subscription customer base of social media independent stations
  2. Purchase the exhibition roster of the official website of the online organizer
  3.  Work with related customer development companies

Get ready for the peak season

There will be a off-season will be a peak season, otherwise this industry will not have much prospects, so in the off-season when we need to do the corresponding preparations for the arrival of the peak season.

Advertising and marketing of related platforms

Advertising marketing is essential at any time, whether it is the previous traditional offline advertising marketing or the current online platform advertising marketing, advertising marketing is the most important and the most effective way to promote and reach the audience.helpful advertising marketing for websites are Google advertising, YouTube advertising, Facebook advertising marketing, etc.

Ability training of the business team


Business team ability determines the efficiency of the single, both new and old employees, before the peak season to a specific training meeting, after the traditional considerations and related knowledge, according to the market changes for related training, reduce the docking with customer talks, clinch a deal online or offline, is the same important, of course, offline clinch a deal more test the level of the business team.

Newly released products or technology


If it is a company with long-term development strategic goals, its vision will never be limited to the current market, always in innovation and progress. As a supplier of trade display equipment, the update of relevant systems and components must be released in the peak season, so that new products or technologies can get more early traffic and publicity, and can also test whether the products are in line with the golden time of market positioning.

There are plenty of hot-selling items in stock


The judgment and production of hot-selling products should be based on the previous market data. The cumulative amount of data should have good performance and competitiveness in the market in at least one or two years, so that it can be produced in advance to ensure sufficient inventory. In response to the arrival of the peak season, there is enough inventory to deliver goods immediately, especially for cross-border e-commerce, shortening the production time can greatly increase customers’ psychological expectations, no need to worry about the tight production and transportation time.


This article is a basic guide for trade show display equipment suppliers. In fact, everyone has their own off-season response measures, but the difference is that there is no standard and plan to do the preparatory work. I hope that my basic guide can give the general manufacturers some inspiration to promote the development of their own enterprises.


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