Why Choose China Trade Show Booth Manufacturer?


Exhibitors often find themselves perplexed when it comes to selecting the right booth and seller for their trade shows. The myriad of factors to consider when purchasing trade show booths can be overwhelming, and many exhibitors often lack the time to discover and select the best booth suppliers.

One such supplier that stands out is Wegodisplays from China, offering a wide range of exhibition booths that cater perfectly to the needs of exhibitors.

So, why do we recommend choosing Chinese suppliers? Here are several reasons.

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Better Value for Money

Considering the value for money when purchasing trade show booths involves two main aspects: the booth itself and the booth assembly.

Booth itself

Before committing to participate in a trade show, exhibitors often start searching for suitable booths months in advance. The question they face is where to buy the trade show booth.

Take the United States as an example; if US exhibitors choose to buy booths domestically, they encounter various materials and types, each coming with a hefty price tag. The cost includes multiple factors, and overall, the price of domestic booths in the US is indeed high. However, the upside is that they offer products and services backed by offline stores, providing reassurance to exhibitors.

On the other hand, Chinese manufacturers, due to in-house production capabilities, have enough room for profit margin. Therefore, for booths of the same type, they often come at a lower cost than those in the US. Moreover, most Chinese manufacturers offer free shipping, further reducing the overall expense.

Booth assembly

Labor costs in developed countries are significantly higher, making booth assembly costs an essential budgetary consideration for exhibitors. In some cases, specific trade shows may mandate the use of official assembly teams, resulting in not only cost overruns but also delays, causing headaches for many exhibitors.

However, Chinese manufacturers’ innovation and development have led to the creation of booth systems that require no tools for assembly, allowing exhibitors to set up their booths with ease. For example, Wegodisplays’ Luban system adopts mortise and tenon structures, ensuring stability and practicality.

Unique Wego Services

Free graphic design and rendering

Before exhibitors choose their booths, they may have determined the size of their exhibition spaces. However, some exhibitors may lack a clear design concept or the necessary technical skills to realize their ideas.

In consideration of this issue, our company provides free graphic design and rendering services, enabling customers to understand their booth requirements and visualize their booth’s state effectively, making better preparations for their participation.

Providing complementary graphics printing services

We don’t just manufacture and sell various display stands; we also have a dedicated printing department, responsible for graphics transfer and printing.

Our confidence in producing high-quality graphics stems from our mature heat transfer technology and supporting large-scale equipment. We can provide customers with graphics printing services that match their booths.

While this service is not free, I can assure you that as the original manufacturer, we offer purchasing customers certain discounts, enabling them to enjoy high-quality products at low prices.

Excellent After-sales Service

At Wegodisplays, we make a solemn promise:

  • If there are any issues with the product’s quality, after verification by our team, we offer returns and exchanges, along with corresponding compensatory measures, such as discounted purchases or complimentary additional products, for example.
  • In addition to the provided instructions, we also have detailed video tutorials, with step-by-step demonstrations for each assembly process. If the videos are unable to resolve any issues, we are always available online to assist customers with any problems they encounter.


When considering trade show booth options, in addition to local suppliers, exhibitors can also consider Chinese manufacturers, most of whom operate on thin profit margins and directly produce their goods, eliminating middlemen and offering more favorable prices. Wegodisplays welcomes you to inquire about any trade show booth-related questions you may have.


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