Why Use Flight Cases for Shipping Luban Systems


When it comes to exhibiting products or systems, packaging plays a crucial role in ensuring their safety and attractiveness. The Luban system, known for its innovative design and versatility, deserves a packaging solution that matches its excellence. That’s where flight cases come into play.

Flight cases have been widely adopted in various industries, including entertainment, music, and trade shows, due to their durability, convenience, and protective features. Their use in transporting and safeguarding delicate and valuable equipment has been proven effective time and time again. Now, the Luban system exhibition booth can benefit from these advantages as well.

flight case

Adequate Space

One of the key advantages of using flight cases for shipping the Luban system is their ample capacity. These cases are specifically designed to accommodate the dimensions of the Luban system, providing enough space for a complete 3x3m trade show booth. Moreover, if a larger booth size is required, a basic 3×6 booth can also fit comfortably in the flight case. This ensures that the entire booth setup, including components, accessories, and promotional materials, can be safely packed and transported in a single case, minimizing the risk of damage or loss during transit.

Sturdy Protection

The sturdy protection offered by flight cases is another significant benefit. The interior of these cases is lined with a 5cm thick elastic sponge, which acts as a shock absorber, effectively minimizing the impact of any bumps or collisions during transportation. Additionally, the external construction of flight cases features metal aluminum edge strips and alloy corner protectors, providing reinforced protection against impacts and compression. This robust design ensures that the Luban system remains secure and intact, even in demanding transportation conditions.

Convenient Mobility

The mobility aspect of flight cases further enhances their appeal. Equipped with four solid rubber wheels, these cases offer easy maneuverability on various surfaces, including rough or uneven terrain. This feature proves particularly useful when navigating through crowded exhibition halls or when frequently relocating the exhibition booth during a trade show. The ability to effortlessly move the Luban system from one location to another simplifies the logistics and saves time and effort for exhibitors.

Multi-functional Use

Moreover, flight cases exhibit versatility beyond their primary purpose of transportation. If a business requires an additional reception counter for their booth but lacks the budget to invest in a separate fixture, the flight case can serve as a practical alternative.

By locking the wheels at the bottom of the case and customizing a new “tablecloth” that matches the brand’s aesthetics, the flight case transforms into a functional and stylish reception counter. This resourcefulness allows exhibitors to maximize their resources and create a cohesive and professional booth setup without compromising on quality or presentation.

3x9 trade show booth

Furthermore, the spacious interior of flight cases offers valuable storage space during exhibitions. Once the trade show booth setup is complete, any unused items or materials can be conveniently stored inside the flight case, keeping the booth area organized and clutter-free. This efficient use of space ensures that the booth maintains a clean and professional appearance throughout the exhibition, leaving a positive impression on visitors and potential clients.

In conclusion

The versatility of flight cases and their high-quality protection are key reasons for choosing them as the packaging and transportation solution for LuBan systems. The various advantages mentioned in the article are exactly what exhibitors need at trade shows. Finally, for a successful exhibition experience, transportation and protection of the trade show booth are fundamental and essential requirements.


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