Why we choose a customized trade show booth


With the gradual recovery of the exhibition industry, more and more exhibitions begin to open, and all small and medium-sized enterprises are choosing a suitable exhibition. Therefore, after choosing a suitable exhibition, selecting trade show booths is a problem for many exhibitors to face.

There are often multiple ways to choose trade exhibition booths, such as short-term rental, standard booth, customized booth, etc.

Today, we are going to talk about why most exhibitors choose customized trade show booths.



7 reasons to choose for a customized trade show booth

  • Seize the first opportunity in the trade display

In the trade exhibition, it is very important to seize the first opportunity, because most of the exhibitors are products of the same industry, and the competition of the same type of products will be very fierce. If they stand out from many standard stalls, they can seize the market opportunity and obtain more business opportunities for potential customers.

Wegodisplays Is a Chinese manufacturer specializing in the production and manufacturing of customized trade show booths. The related characteristics of its various systems are deeply loved by customers, such as Luban system tool-free installation, E-frame frame to frame structure, SEG popup portable carrying and backlight system.

Cross-system large booth collocation is also Wegodisplays’s specialty. Often, the exhibitors who choose the large booth will consult the relevant design concept and framework system.

  • Display of products and services

Choose customized trade show booth, you can choose different trade show booth collocation according to the products or technologies of your own enterprises, such as the corresponding shelf, hanging board, TV bracket and other corresponding accessories.

With the corresponding accessories to display their own products, can effectively attract the attention of customers, so as to produce contact. A comfortable display atmosphere will improve the customers’ impression of the enterprise.

Customized trade show booths can design more diversified reception areas, so that customers can enjoy different service experience, increase the retention of customers of browsing products, and attract other potential customers while retaining customers.

  • Show your own uniqueness

Choosing a customized trade show booth means you can participate in the production process of the trade booth and add custom elements.for example

  1. Signage
  2. Banners
  3. Flooring
  4. Graphics
  5. Floor plan
  6. Lighting
  7. Colors
  8. Technology
  9. Hanging structures

Rich selection and customized elements can enable exhibitors to make trade show booths according to their own ideas and requirements. Making the trade exhibition booth as a whole appears more diversified.

  • Establish brand awareness

Establishing brand awareness, one of the important factors for the exhibitors to participate in the exhibition, and the number of times to participate in the exhibition, is also a standard to reflect the strength of the exhibitors.

A special customized trade exhibition booth can stand out from many standard booths, and even in other customized trade exhibition booths, with its own unique design concept and selected trade exhibition booth subjects, it can also attract potential customers and establish and strengthen brand awareness.

Wegodisplays Is a trade show booth supplier known for its unique design concept and strong framework system. He can give the corresponding design concept and 3D rendering diagram according to the size of the booth attended by the exhibitor and the budget of the trade exhibition booth.

Or according to the exhibitor’s own design ideas, Wegodisplays can still give the corresponding design and rendering services, note that it is all free.

  • Connect the industry connection

The key to successful trade show marketing is making meaningful connections with attendees.

Custom booth design does not just show your products. They also show the uniqueness of your company culture that distinguishes you from your competitors. Provide an immersive experience to help them remember to interact with your brand and product long after leaving the event venue.

Combined presentation: Provide on-site product demonstrations or hands-on activities that involve attendees directly in the products you offer.

Create a dialogue space: In the designated area of the booth, visitors can easily chat one-on-one with a knowledgeable staff to discuss specific needs or issues.

Using technology: Using virtual event production tools to enhance the appeal of the booth and attract a wider audience, even those who are unable to attend trade shows in person.

Prioritizing engagement and memorable experiences can maximize the ROI and help your business achieve long-term success.

  • Generate potential customers

Attracting and generating potential customers is also one of the purposes of the exhibitors to participate in the exhibition.

Excellent customizable trade show booths allow exhibitors to appear on the top trade shows, the largest trade show, or the most selfish trade show, depending on your audience.

On this basis, you can reach potential sales leads and customers that are otherwise inaccessible. At many B2B trade shows, a large proportion of visitors have the right to buy. They are

  • CEOs
  • Foundersand Presidents
  • Buyers
  • Department managers
  • Team leaders

These people are the target potential customers of the exhibitors, giving different responses according to the stage they are in the decision-making and purchase process.

Even if the deal is not reached in the end, it will leave a good impression on the other party, keep the customer information, and do a good job of customer maintenance in the future, and there will always be opportunities to cooperate.

  • Realize the desired goals

Exhibitors to participate in all kinds of exhibitions, are with their own goals, each may be different, but on the whole is much the same.

Some exhibitors want to break the existing bottleneck and expand their business scope; some want to strengthen the industry, retain old customers and develop new customers; others want to gain more opportunities in the industry.

No matter what kind of goal, the exhibitors should be clear and clear about the direction of their efforts, to step by step to achieve their goals, do not be too eager for quick success and instant benefits, resulting in customers, business opportunities, missed.


We discuss the importance of choosing customized trade display booths in the exhibition. The seven reasons include: seizing market opportunities, highlighting products and services, showing uniqueness, building brand awareness, connecting industry connections, attracting potential customers, and achieving goals.

Customized booths can enable companies to stand out from the fierce competition, provide personalized experiences, and help build brand influence.

The example of vendor Wegodisplays highlights the advantages of the design philosophy and service. The selection of customized trade display booths will help exhibitors achieve long-term success and goals.

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